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Mobile game development is a fast-growing industry. As the number of smartphones is increasing, the innovative mobile apps are developed to engage the audience. The question is how to improve user experience after the game has been created.

URL shorteners come into mind when it’s about product promotion and customer engagement. So, what about applying to a mobile game industry? The shortener service inevitably transforms the way the developing game sector is operating.

Best Practices of Using Short Links for Game Developers

Mobile game developers present the best insights on embracing short links for the mobile game improvement.

Deep links – a tool for increasing sales and re-engaging customers. For games, things are just recently beginning to take off. This is because some developers raise the question about the actual impact of deep links on user engagement for games. Keep reading to make sure that short deep links can benefit your game.

Increase Installs

Share short deep links with bonus points, which will be given to users after a successful install. A reward motivates users to install a game. Once a deep link is opened, it will launch the game on the relevant operating system. If it’s not installed, a needed store will be opened.

When new users launch the game for the first time, they will be redirected to the table with a bonus pack at once. Without deep links, these steps require a manual process of searching for the game, entering a promo code and so on.

In-game Purchases

In-game offers on gold and bonuses, probably a new weapon or additional coins, can be promoted by using deep links.

Redirect users to the page with specific bonus items instead of just the main page of your game. To notify gamers about the deal, post a short deep link on social media, emails, SMS, ads or push notifications.

Boost retention

Deep links can bring back users straight to that level from where they have quit. After clicking a short link, users will be redirected to the page with their previous level, not a main page of the game. You can reward users for the repeat install of the game.

How to set up deep links on

  • Mobile targeting

When thinking of which operating system to choose for developing the app – build the game for both iOS and Android. developed the «Mobile targeting» feature especially for those cases when 2 operating systems are needed.

Mobile targeting redirects users to different URLs depending on their mobile OS. You’ll benefit from this feature if you want to directly transfer users to the needed store without having them search for the game manually.

How to set up mobile targeting on



Embracing the features listed above, you’ll improve the way users treat the game. User experience will be enhanced, and so did the engagement. has an extensive set of features, which may come you in handy. Surf our website to find the tools that may suit your needs.

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