Domain configuring with 1&1 service.

Domain configuring with 1&1 service.

Today our goal is to understand how to configure a domain name from 1&1 with shortening service.

1&1 is a platform where you may buy a domain for your website and future short branded links. 1&1 provides users with wide range of domain names but remember to pick a memorable one. They are considered to be attention grabbers, so the customers react to your links more quickly.

Whois data.

Whois database is available on 1&1 service. It is useful when you need to know detailed information about the domain. You also face the owner’s data (name, address, telephone number).
Thanks to it, you may get in touch with the domain host in case of some technical problems or rights legality.

1&1 provides clients with a private domain free of charge to protect your data. Thus your personal information may be replaced with 1&1 one.
Note: the private registration domain is available only for top-level domains as .com, .net, .org, .biz.

How to configure domain and subdomain?

Let’s review some detailed steps for correct configuring with shortening service.

1. Sign in 1&1 platform .
2. Go to domain search page and choose your favorite domain name. Add it to the cart and buy with the help of a credit card.
3. Go to your account. Click on “Add new domain”.
4. Your domain is inactive. In the 1&1 account from the left side click on “Domains”.
5. There is a settings icon from the right side of the domain. Click on it and choose “DNS Settings”.
6. Scroll down and you will face “A/AAAA Records”. Choose “Other IP address” and write down. It is an IP address, which connects 1&1 with
7. Then delete all unnecessary records at the foot of the page.
8. Save.

These are all steps for activating your domain. Go to domain settings and refresh the page. If the domain is still inactive – wait a bit more.
If after 24 hours nothing isn’t changed – write to support.

The video guide below helps you to make all steps correctly. It begins from the third point.

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