3 Reasons Campaign Tracking Is a Must for Black Friday

3 Reasons Campaign Tracking Is a Must for Black Friday
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The biggest sale of the year is coming up. Are you ready?

Businesses, both small and large, have sales all the time. However, Black Friday is coming, and a crowd of anticipating customers (some of them rabidly so) is ready to get the best deals and sales. While this is wonderful for large and established businesses, can your online brand take the heat?

Yes, it can, especially when it has a backup. With short links and careful planning, worrying about the flurry of sales on a Black Friday is a thing of the past. Here’s how the short link’s campaign tracking feature makes your Black Friday rush smoother.

What Is Campaign Tracking?

If you’re new to short links and all they can do, here’s an introduction to campaign tracking—one of the short link’s more impressive features. In simple terms, campaign tracking (also known as UTM tracking) answers the question: “How did my users get here?”

It works by placing tags on links you paste. When a user clicks your link, the campaign tracking feature records where they clicked it from. This feature not only works on web pages but also applies to posts. It’s a clever and organized way of determining where your traffic comes from.

So, if you post a link to your business website across different platforms, the campaign tracking feature can count how many visitors every platform brings in. Campaign tracking can even tell you if they discovered your site offline or via email marketing.

Campaign Tracking and Black Friday

Campaign tracking is helpful for bands and businesses in general. After all, the statistics and information it provides can be instrumental to a business’s growth. It is also, however, quite perfect for Black Friday (or any other massive sale event) preparations.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Reliable Predictions

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With TikTok opening a shop and other forms of social media facilitating sales and businesses, it is common for influencers and creators to advertise products on social media. Influencers and TikTok users seem to be making videos hoping they eventually become viral.

Unfortunately, along with the viral statuses of these products comes a multitude of successfully influenced customers, and before you know it, the product you’re most excited about is sold out. Campaign tracking is here to make sure nothing this problem doesn’t happen.

When you track how much interaction a post gets, you can more or less predict which products people are interested in. Campaign systematically organizes which posts bring in the most visitors. Before you know it, you’ll have an accurate list of which posts got the most clicks.

For example, if campaign tracking shows you that a post about a 20% off sale on lotion has over ten thousand clicks and a post about a 30% off conditioner only has a thousand, then you’d know to prepare more on the lotion.

With campaign tracking, not only will you be prepared for large sales, but you’ll also make a more accurate profit.

2. Wise Advertising Investments

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When events as big as Black Friday are coming, preparation is imperative. Most experienced brands know that Black Friday doesn’t start on the day itself. No, significant sale events begin almost a month before and start with advertising.

Before Black Friday, you’re bound to see the shopping apps on your phone advertise about it. In fact, several apps go as far as changing their app design. All this fuss happens in the name of successful advertising. And while larger companies may afford to plaster ads across the internet, what happens to small businesses on a budget?

That’s when campaign tracking comes in handy! With campaign tracking, you can determine which platforms are worth your money (and which aren’t). Though advertising through all social media platforms is advisable, it is best to research before spending money on advertising.

With campaign tracking, you can determine which platforms garner the most traffic. The accurate data from campaign tracking can then indicate which media you can invest in. When you make decisions based on relevant information and logic, you can save both effort and money.

3. Perfect for Small Budgets

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Speaking of saving money, campaign tracking can be completely free. That’s right—if you know where to look, the impressive campaign tracking system doesn’t cost you a cent.

Some websites will charge you for campaign tracking. However, link shorteners like Short.io offer campaign tracking free of cost. So, if you access the campaign tracking feature mainly for Black Friday and the sales coming after that, you wouldn’t need to break the bank.

How to Set Up Campaign Tracking on Short.io

Setting up campaign tracking can be a nightmare if you’re unfamiliar with online technology. Sure, there are several online resources and tutorials, but there’s a better and simpler alternative—link shorteners. Link shorteners like Short.io make campaign tracking possible for amateurs.

  1. Log into your Short.io account.
  2. Shorten a link.
  3. Click the “campaign tracking” icon. (It’s the one that looks like a price tag.)
  4. Place the UTM tags in the required fields.
  5. Click “Save”.

And with five easy steps, you’ve accessed a handy short link feature. If you want a more detailed tutorial with pictures, there are tutorials available on Short.io as well.

Short.io Has More Good News

If you think campaign tracking is impressive, you’re in for a treat. Campaign tracking is merely one of the several features short links have. There are detailed statistics, link expiration, link retargeting, deep links, and more.

All these features were specifically designed to aid us in our online projects and businesses. So, check out Short.io today and find out which features can help your brand flourish.

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