3 Ways Short.io Can Help You as a Freelancer

3 Ways Short.io Can Help You as a Freelancer
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Whether you're tired of the typical nine to five or simply hate the idea of corporate work, freelancing has always been a great alternative. With flexible hours, more freedom, and a better work-life balance, it's no wonder more people are opting to become freelancers.

Freelancing, however, is not all daisies and roses. There are millions of people freelancing part-time or full-time. It's hard to find clients, the competition is no joke, and it's challenging to stand out among several freelancers.

Fortunately, one tool can set you apart from the crowd—short links.

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Short links have a lot to them. They have features perfect for freelancers who are determined to make a name for themselves, land clients, and exude professionalism. While they have several features, here are some ways they can help freelancers.

1. Establish Your Own Brand

When you enter the world of freelancing, there is one fact that you will quickly figure out: you are not alone. Want to land this great client? Chances are dozens have already lined up before you. After all, the more attractive the offer, the more people will flock to it, making it that much harder to get.

This is why it is crucial to establish your brand. When you make a name for yourself, you have the advantage of standing out. A dozen freelancers may submit proposals to a client first, but people tend to click on someone they've already heard of or are familiar with.

Short links are a great way of inserting your name into, quite literally, anything. Whether virtual or physical, short links and their customizable nature are a perfect way of making people remember you or your brand. It helps you build brand recognition and trust.

For example, if you're offering service to a potential online client, sending a cover letter with personalized links helps with memorability. Every personalized link will not only remind the client of your brand name but also encourage your client to click on those links, as short links will increase your click-through rate (CTR).

You can read our guide on creating the best brand name domain for all your short links. And if you already have an existing website, you can easily create short links for it by connecting it with your free Short.io account.

Branded short links will also come in handy in real life. Handing out business cards or submitting proposals with customized links is a fantastic way to get your name out there. When people see your brand, both online and offline, they are bound to remember your services.

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2. Show Professionalism

Perhaps one of the downsides of freelancing is the bit of hesitancy and doubt in the back of a client's mind. Hiring from an established agency or contacting a company is always a tempting offer as they tend to uphold professionalism to a certain standard.

Whereas if they were to hire a freelancer, some would think they're taking a chance. There is an abundance of excellent, driven, and professional freelancers, yet this bias is inescapable. One thing we can do to counter this is to exude professionalism.

That would prove to be difficult if attached to your cover letter or resumes are long, random URLs. Instead of exuding professionalism, your first bit of interaction with them may give off as "sketchy" or "unorganized" instead.

When you have links personalized with your brand name and everything looks organized, you give your client the impression that you have things figured out and that all your ducks are in a row.

Plus, people are used to short links. When was the last time you saw a professional company or a known brand display a long, random URL for you to click? Lengthy links are a thing of the past. Seeing them reminds people of bogus sites and viruses—certainly not a notion you want to be linked to your brand.

3. Collect Information

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So far, we've discussed how easy short links are to place and how pretty they are. Wonderful traits, yes, as aesthetics will help you catch one's attention. But the short links' ability to be customized is only the tip of the iceberg.

Between its few characters lies a lot of helpful and powerful features. One of the best, perhaps, is detailed statistics. With detailed statistics, you get information on your users: their location, the browsers they used, their operating system, and more. Detailed statistics will also tell you what time you get the most traffic.

This is especially beneficial for the freelancer as they will get to know what type of people were interested enough to check out their site. When you know who is looking, you can also cater to them. Adjusting to your viewer's likes or dislikes could be the strategic move that books you a client.

For example, if you were a digital artist and a freelancer, you'd probably have a website or social media page where people can view your work. Of course, attached to your cover letters and resumes would probably be a link to this page.

When detailed statistics tell you that about seventy percent of your users are from Japan, perhaps you could also create art that caters to popular Japanese culture. Learning if your users are viewing your content from a mobile or PC is also an edge as you can adjust your site to be mobile-friendly for convenient viewing.

Whether you're tracking data using UTM parameters or want to integrate your other trackers like Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, Short.io will deliver the information you need to make your client outreach efforts more efficient.

The data short links deliver help you tailor your content to your audience and grow as a freelancer. Relevant information tells you what you're receiving and how you can adjust to it. The right changes here and there make a world of difference.

Find Your First Client With Short.io

Looking pretty and collecting information becomes easy because Short.io has your back. In fact, that's just the start. Short links have even more complex and accurate features in store for you.

Visit Short.io to check out how our complete list of features can help you. With Short.io, you can grow and thrive in your freelancing career.

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