4 Reasons to Add Short Links to Your Social Media

Building an online presence has never been as relevant as it is today. With apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok blowing up exponentially, social media's presence is becoming increasingly significant to today's society.

Your follow count greatly determines how many opportunities are handed to you in terms of endorsements. That's why hundreds of apps have been designed to increase one's followers.

Several programs and workshops have been made to educate people on maximizing engagement. But for all that complexity, perhaps there is one simple trick that the majority has overlooked: the short link.

So, here are a few reasons why you should consider employing the short link to build your following.

Short links have been assisting social media users for quite a few years now. Whether you're an influencer with millions of followers or a new social media account, the short link can be of great use. Here are four ways you can utilize links to increase your following.

1.      The Perfect Partner to Social Media Advertisements

Social media apps have evolved from their original purpose of socialization. With its user growing rapidly, social media has now become a prime platform for advertisement. Even several budding musicians and internet personalities use these ads to get exposure.

However, the ads provided by these platforms are nowhere near enough. With only a few seconds to spare and minimal space, you or your brand may not get the exposure it needs.

The short link is perfect for such dilemmas. It provides you with a window to a new world—one that offers infinite space. The short link is clickable and convenient when placed right on the ad. Instead of skipping to the next post, viewers may very well interact with your link.

2. A Staple in Your Bio

"Link in bio" is a popular phrase the most popular influencers use. And why not? It's proven to be simple and effective.

Your potential followers need to know more about you, your content, or your brand to gain an extensive following. Often, the social media platform is not enough. However, placing a customized link in your bio may just do the trick.

Whatever you link could be what you endorse. Beauty influencers usually link their favorite skincare line or makeup brand. Fitness influencers add links to their dietary and exercise programs.

The links you add to your bio tell your potential followers what to expect from you. Whether it's linked to health and nutrition, skincare and makeup, or charitable donations, potential followers will determine what you are passionate about. If they share the same passion, they are more likely to follow you.

However, placing just any link may be counterintuitive. Long, messy URLs give off an unprofessional and unprepared vibe. By shortening and rebranding your links, you show your potential followers that you and your brand are organized and professional.

3.      The Convenient Addition.

Why stop at social media advertisements and bios? The whole internet could be a potential place to advertise you and your brand. Several opportunities for exposure are always present.

Catching a viewer's interest can be challenging; a good strategy is to follow the trends. From a trending tweet on Twitter, TikTok dance challenges, or a shoutout from a friend with more followers, you can cash in on these trends and make it work for you by adding a short link.

That's the beauty of a short link—it's versatile. Lengthy URLs take up too much space and often look suspicious. But the short link, with its handy stature and customizable name, can fit into right about anything.

4.      The Brilliant and Informative Assistant

As previously stated, the short link is versatile and pretty, but don't let that fool you. Inside this seemingly harmless short link is a spy that gathers vital information. This can be highly essential to meeting your target audience.

Perhaps one of the most necessary things you need to build a following is information. Where are my interested viewers from? What time did I get this much engagement? How did my viewer get here?

All these and more are questions you should be asking when building a following. For example, the location information of most of your viewers gives you an edge as you can anticipate their needs. Culture and preferences come into play, and you can adjust your content accordingly to be more accommodating and sensitive.

Anticipating your website's rush hour is also important information. Knowing when you get the most exposure allows you to decide when to publish a post or upload a new video. Finding the right time to post something may very well be the secret to getting the views you want.

All this information and more are available when you use the short link. Every click is counted, and potential viewers' data is extracted just for you. This is the biggest reason why short links are perfect for building your following count—it provides you with almost a cheat code for anticipating your followers' wants and needs.

Short.io is a company that rebrands links and arms it with all the mentioned features and more. With Short.io, you can send your viewers where you need them and gather essential data. Check out all the available analytics and get the best from short links for your brand.

Social media is becoming increasingly relevant. Hardly a day goes by where netizens don't browse through or update their social media accounts. Its role in today's generation has already been cemented, and short links along with it.

With the growing netizen population, being educated on which tools to use to raise your brand is a skill worth honing. Learning to utilize the short link is a strategy that perhaps everyone should master.

Whether it is in an ad, a bio, or inserted anywhere on the internet, the short link is sure to provide you with the exposure you crave and the data you need.

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