4 Reasons Local Businesses Should Start Using QR Codes

Every day, marketing teams develop new and innovative ways to advertise. Big and small brands hire TikTok or Instagram influencers to promote their brands, bizarre but memorable commercials are produced, and full-on campaigns involving hundreds of employees are utilized—all in the name of successful advertising. After all, successful advertising could mean increased revenue for years to come.

But what of small ways of advertising? Only some advertisements need to be flashy and excessive. Did you know that sometimes, simple and novel ways of advertising can be just as effective? It may be time you met the QR code. Let's check out why it can help promote your business.

1. They're Versatile

You'd be mistaken if you think QR codes are challenging to create, limited, and only for general use. It takes seconds to make a QR code, and you can make as much as you want.

Does your online shop have a sale? Take the link, make it a QR code, and attach a teasing message like "Ready for a surprise?" on top of the code. You're bound to get a few (or perhaps a buttload of) curious users who'll take the bait.  

Physical and virtual marketing possibilities expand when your lengthy and random URL gets shortened to a short link. The same happens when that shortened link turns into a QR code—a whole other set of marketing options becomes available.

You can use it in its traditional and standard forms or brainstorm new and unique ways. Because it's easy to create and you can make an unlimited number of it, the sky truly is the limit to QR codes.

2. It's Suitable for Phones

Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Nowadays, people are glued to their phones. It's not always because they're addictive and endlessly entertaining (although that is a big part), but because of how necessary it is to be reachable.

This is especially true in this post-pandemic work environment, where people are figuring out that working remotely has its benefits. This new opportunity to work from home means people get much more phone time.

Now, picture this: a person is scrolling through their phone when they see a teasing advertisement with a QR code. Their interest is piqued, and they scan the QR code using their smartphone. And voila, they're suddenly on your brand's website. A minute later, they're skimming through all your services or products.

These situations are precisely why QR codes are modern–they interact with smartphones. Most smartphones have QR code scanners. And for those that don't, thousands of QR code scanning apps across Playstore and Apple Store.

3. It's Modern

A more compelling reason to use QR codes is that they're modern. While they're not as common as business cards, QR code cards have become trendy packaging in small and large businesses. Even several apps across the globe use QR codes for their customers' convenience.

If looking pretty and novel on a card isn't a solid enough reason for you to be using QR codes, then keeping up with a modern and strategic way of advertising should do it. Modern advertising methods can appeal to the younger generations and pleasantly surprise the older ones (if done right, of course.)

So if you're hesitant to use a QR code because it might be too confusing or mysterious, don't be. The QR code has been met with positive reviews and is already active in today's advertising trends. Plus, its convenience will be sticking around for a while.

4. Looks Pretty on a Card

Photo by the blowup / Unsplash

While people mainly use business cards and pamphlets, QR codes give a newer, more mysterious feel. Everyone can read a link and derive what something might offer from the words. With QR codes, there's room for interest and curiosity, as the random patterns don't give anything away.

Plus, the QR code takes it further as convenient as a short link. Yes, both can fit into merchandise or virtually anywhere, but the QR code has an extra feature: your users wouldn't have to open a browser and type in a link anymore. They'd only need to scan a QR code and be led directly to your site.

So, if your users want convenience, they can get it with your QR code—they can do away with typing up the link. They're well on their way to meeting your service with a simple scan.

QR codes are generally easy to work with, but URL-shortening services take convenience to another level. Short.io–a link-shortening service–also provides this service. Here's a quick tutorial on how to get their QR code feature sorted out.

How to Set Up QR Codes With Short.io:

  1. Log into your free Short.io account.
  2. Shorten a link.
  3. Click on the QR code icon. (It's the second to the last icon.)
  4. Customize and download your QR code.

And just like that, you have your QR codes set up. It's one of the easiest ways to advertise, especially when you have Short.io to simplify the process. If you want a longer and more detailed tutorial, Short.io provides that too.

The Tip of Short.io's Iceberg

QR codes are pretty great, but they're nothing compared to the arsenal of features Short.io has in store for marketers and brand owners.

Detailed statistics provide information on your users' locations, browser, operating systems, and more. Campaign tracking tells you which platform brings in the most traffic. Best of all, you can start creating personalized short links with Short.io for free! Visit Short.io today and find out which features may benefit you.

Modern Times Require Modern Marketing

The trends are ever-changing, and so are the ways of marketing. Companies left and right are figuring out ways to grab people's attention, to make sure their brand makes an impression.

It's easy to get lost in the world of advertisement. Keeping up with the modern times may be helpful and progressive for your brand.

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