Branded Domain VS Generic Domain | Shortener provides users both with a free generic domain “” and short branded domains. However, why is it better for your brand to use a separate custom domain?

1. Brand promotion.

A short link with a generic domain hides the brand name and content you share.
While using generic short links, you intensively promote other brands instead of your own. Unless you use a branded domain to tell others about the content, you’re missing out on a massive branding opportunity.

2. Brand recognition.

The more users see your brand name, the more likely they will remember it while choosing a product trademark. Use short branded links to recall customers to your brand.
With the help of Google Trends and Google Alerts, you can determine how much growth was developed through brand mentions and brand references.

3. Brand trust.

Brand trust is the next step after brand recognition. Even if you have introduced small improvements or changes, from packaging to product characteristics, inform users about these. Describe news with the help of articles and post them to social media networks as a branded short link. Sharing a link with your brand’s name will help to build brand trust, as customers are going to like the content you share.

4. Improve website SEO.

When creating a domain for your company, you can use the top- and second-level domains as descriptive words. For example, the domain of a delivery company could be “” This means that the top-level domain “.com” is replaced by “.delivery.” This offers you the chance to associate your brand with the keywords, which improves the website's SEO.

5. Increase the CTR.

It is essential for internet users to click on trustworthy links. Clients should know what is hidden behind the link at first sight. This is a psychological factor that plays a crucial role. On seeing something cute, both you and I will desire to touch it; this also happens with customers. When they see a beautiful link, trust, assurance, and a nice URL make them click on it. Therefore, the CTR of short, branded links is 40% higher than those with generic domains.

6. Increase open rate.

Use short branded links in the content of emails. A short link with a branded domain will improve the opening rate of your email marketing campaign. Thanks to brand recognition and trust, users can confidently open your emails.

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