What is a Short Branded Link?


What is a Short Branded Link?

A short link is a long URL converted into an attractive and memorable form used to redirect visitors from one web page to another.
Let’s look at the example:

A short URL contains a generic domain and a random slug. What does a generic domain mean? A generic domain is a link shortener’s domain name like “shortcm. li”, “bit.ly.”

The better idea is to create a short branded URL. Branded means a domain name, which describes your brand or a relevant keyword for your business. This way you promote the personal brand, not another company.
So let’s take a look at the transformed example:

After shortening, use this URL on social networks, email marketing, offline marketing, and other promotional channels.

  • On Facebook.
  • On Twitter.
  • On Instagram.
  • On LinkedIn.

- Branding. A short link with a branded domain depicts the brand name and the content you share. While using generic short links, you intensively promote other companies instead of your own.

- Recognition. The more users see your brand name, the more likely they will remember it while choosing a product trademark. Use short branded links to remind customers of your brand.

- Trust. Branded domain lets build stable relations with customers providing qualitative content and customized links.

- SEO. When creating a domain for your company, use the top- and second-level domains as descriptive words. For example, the domain for a delivery company might be “food.delivery.” The top-level domain “.com” is replaced with “.delivery.” It lets associate your brand with the keywords, which improves the website's SEO.

- Choose a domain name. It should reflect your company name or business.
- Choose a domain extension. There are so much TLDs, like .link, .xyz, .to, .li. Choose the most appropriate one for you.

Short.cm lets you buy a domain and TLD directly from the service. You enter a favorite one and check if it is available. The advantage of acquiring a domain from Short.cm is that it will be activated automatically.

- Use a long URL. Once you’ve bought a domain and it's in your account, copy a necessary long URL and paste to Short.cm. The service will reply to you with a short link.

- Customize a slug. Add a keyword to the URL slug to increase link SEO.


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What did you learn?

  • The advantages of using short links.
  • Why do you need a short branded link?
  • How to shorten links?
  • Where to use branded links?