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The most effective way to promote a brand is using social networks. Pay attention to people while you walk the street or go by bus. What do most of them do? Right, they are absorbed with mobile phones. That pretty girl is posting a new photo to Instagram, that smart woman is sending a new article to her Facebook business page, that guy is looking for the best sneakers ever in the e-shop.

Note: somebody shares, somebody uses. In our example, we see that girl thanks to Instagram shares with friends her new photo processing or hairstyle. With Facebook, the woman sends useful information about her brand, which will fascinate clients. That boy is a usual example of a customer, who use the Internet as a search engine.

If you don’t share information – you don’t have a steady flow of buyers. Talking about business structures their primary purpose is to reach sales target. With this case, the attention must be directed to social media marketing. Each of us knows the result is where our energy and focus are.

Useful tools for promoting the brand

You precisely know about Buffer service.
If not, let us present it.
Buffer is created for automatically sending posts to social networks.
Note: the articles may be posted on some social platforms simultaneously. It is a fact that each social service has its potential customers. You may get a customer from any social network, so you need to spread the information everywhere to have all clients to be informed of the news.

Buffer easily gives you this chance. You can send a post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin.
Pay attention that now Buffer can post directly to Instagram.

To increase work results, you should use short branded links. I think there is no need to tell about their advantages. The most important one is that clients trust short branded links at a high level.

Imagine that you create an article on your business blog. Then you shorten an article link in and thanks to Buffer and Zap after shortening it will be automatically spread to all social networks.
Great, really? As a result, you will have readers from all over the platforms.
Firstly, thanks to branded trusted link.
Secondly, thanks to immediate Buffer work.

There is an additional way to automatize your work.

You may set as many Zaps as you want.
Imagine that you have your e-shop.
You add a new model of gorgeous shoes to the e-shop as it has become available. Thanks to Shopify and Zap new short link for shoes will be created. As a result, thanks to and Buffer Zap this new short branded link will be sent to all social networks. Thus, you do only one thing – add shoes to the e-shop. Other steps the system does.

The Internet is magic. Just add your creativity, desire, helpful tools and all sales targets as well as dreams will be conquered.

Watch a video below for easy and Buffer Zap customizing.

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