Custom Domain Names: How to Choose the Best One

Custom Domain Names: How to Choose the Best One

Have you noticed that short links spread up everywhere these days? The majority of world companies use vanity links with their own branded domain.

A short link with a generic domain hides the brand name and content you share.
While using generic short links, you intensively promote another brand instead of your own. Unless you use a branded domain to tell others about the content, you’re missing out on a massive branding opportunity.

Remember to follow some useful tips while choosing a branded domain name.

1. Make it short.

A short domain name helps you and your customers to type and pronounce a domain name quickly. Using a short domain, Twitter fans will thank you for saving characters. You don’t want a domain to take all link space. With a short name, you can add a slug, which correctly describes the link content.

2. Make it branded.

The name of the domain should clearly describe your brand. If you have a travel company, bond a domain name to your company name or main feature. For example, choosing a domain for travel agency use,

3. Make it easy-to-pronounce.

Imagine that you attend a business conference but have forgotten to take business cards or you don’t have them at all. Telling people about your brand, you don't have an opportunity to give a printed website name. In this case, pronounce the name of your site to have people visit it. If the website name is clear, people will remember it at once, and after some time they will inevitably visit it. As a result, the website CRT will increase.

4. Make it easy-to-guess.

A domain name should describe a basic idea of the website. If after facing the name of your site people at once understand the nature of the business, be sure you have a success.

5. Find a TLD.

Don't think .com the best top-level domain ever. There are lots of TLDs, which aren't less attractive. The advantage of .com is that it is widely spread among internet users and is the most recognizable. Nevertheless, top-level domains as .co, .net, .org, .xyz, .club become more and more popular. Сustomers get used to facing these TLDs and are ready to click them.

Furthermore, the best decision is to buy a top-level domain specially for your brand. For example, .shop (for e-shop), .smm (for SMM-agency), .coach (for a personal domain of coach), .fit (for a fitness club).

What if a chosen domain name is unavailable?

If you chose a branded domain, but it’s unavailable — change a TLD to a country-specific domain extension. You can also remove some characters that would not affect the meaning. Alternatively, swap digraphs for similar sounds — e., X for “cks,” 4 for "ch" or 2 for "too/to."

Where to buy a domain name

You can buy an own domain name via or any domain registrar.

Note: sells domains for the domains' price on the registrars. doesn't earn money on that.

Learn the instructions on how to customize a new domain from the domain hosts on

  1. Namecheap domain service.
  2. GoDaddy domain service.
  3. 1&1 domain service.
  4. domain service.
  5. domain service.
  6. Dreamhost domain service.

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