What way are Short.cm and Cloudflare сonnected?

What way are Short.cm and Cloudflare сonnected?

One of the most important things while surfing the internet is web security. Nowadays there are too many hackers, viruses, and attackers, which easily reach your personal information. Thus all users must be aware of having reliable data protection.

Many services work at their security system and improve it more and more. They sell SSL certificates, anti-virus programs and so on. Nevertheless, this is too expensive to buy protection tools every year.

We want you to pay attention to a leading platform Cloudflare. After connecting your domain to Short.cm as well as Cloudflare, you will be the happiest user ever.

Configuring with Short.cm

If you have a domain, which you want to connect to Short.cm, Cloudflare may become your DNS configurator.
Read a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Sign in Cloudflare.
  2. Add your domain to Cloudflare.
  3. Click on “Scan”. Cloudflare examines your domain and finds existing records.
  4. Delete all A-records.
  5. Add A-record with Short.cm IP
  6. Add this domain to Short.cm account.
  7. Wait for approximately 24 hours while activation process comes to an end.


Cloudflare is known as a traffic analyst, reliable site security and DNS-configurator. It is a network between site server and a user. Cloudflare makes Internet work, as it must work - quickly and reliably.

Traffic analyst

CTR of the site is divided into real users and bots. Thanks to sorting and deleting trash, the site works quickly. Besides, there are various graphic diagrams for visual expression. The statistics are refreshing every 24 hours with a free plan and every 15 minutes with a Pro and Business plan.

Security tools

Cloudflare prevents viruses from ruining your site. It kills damaging programs before they reach the server. As a result, it keeps traffic data and resources safe. In average Cloudflare website loads twice quicker and overtake traffic less.

The main advantage is that most of the features are free of charge. Cloudflare provides customers with SSL-certificate and protects from:

  • DDoS/DoS attacks.
  • Spam.
  • Bots.
  • Password hacking.


Cloudflare may also perform as a DNS-configurator for the domain.


After connecting a domain to Short.cm and Cloudflare, you get both active domain for creating short branded links and reliably secured URLs from harmful attacks.

Read other articles, where we review various registrars and DNS-configurators, which will help you while creating a new domain.

  1. Namecheap domain service.
  2. GoDaddy domain service.
  3. 1&1 domain service.
  4. Name.com domain service.
  5. Gandi.net domain service.

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