How to get 100% for 3 months in

How to get 100% for 3 months in

Each of us knows the advantages of short branded links. More and more people prefer short links to long ones because branded links are helpful for better brand recognition and promoting. is one of the shortening services existing today. You know for certain that it has many features and the cheapest price plans in the market. Thus, to have more people to find out about – we propose an interesting collaboration.

What should you do?

It would be great if you publish a post about shortening service on your company blog. As a result, you get 100% discount for 3 months in There aren’t particularly any preferences. Write what you want, what you think and what you feel!
The only clause is to mention with a link in your article. That’s all.

If you got interested in this collaboration – publish a blog post and send its link to support.
We will immediately check it and answer you ;)

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