Domain Types You Can Add to

Domain Types You Can Add to

When registering on or adding a new domain, you are offered to choose a type of domain you want to use. Today, on the blog, we'll take a closer look at each option.


1. Experiment mode: Free subdomain provides a generic domain “” for testing purposes. Add a subdomain, for example, “” if you want to learn how works.

Generic domains are usually used for spamming, so they have a terrible reputation. That is the reason why is provided just to test the service. While using the generic domain for advanced purposes, you may face the restrictions on and social media.

2. Best choice: Spare domain

A spare domain means availability of a domain, which you’ve bought earlier but currently don’t use. It must be a domain you’ll apply only to shorten links.

The advantage of this option is an opportunity to add a branded domain which belongs only to you, and you are the only person who manages the domain reputation.

If you don't have an own custom domain for short URLs, you can buy it via or any domain registrar. An advantage of buying a domain via is that the configuration is automatic.

Important: Domains, registered on, are intended only for URL shortening purposes and cannot be used for some websites, blogs or another content.

3. Easy Use: A subdomain of a currently used domain

Easy use means efficient use of a domain. If you have a website/blog, you currently use, add a subdomain to the website domain for shortening links. For example, ""

The advantage of this choice is making use of the brand recognition you already have. Choose this option to retain existing branding.

If you still can't make the right choice, feel free to contact support.

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