Advantages and Disadvantages of Emailing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Emailing

A successful email marketing campaign has an enormous impact on brand promotion. Examine the advantages and disadvantages of this advertising way, and then conclude whether email marketing is worth using or not.

Advantages of email marketing.

1. Brand recognition. Constant email marketing results in brand awareness. It helps customers remember your brand and, if the information is relevant to them, share it, thereby promoting your brand. However, don’t spam users; otherwise, marketing emails could end up in recipients’ spam folders.

2. Tracking. With marketing emails, it's easy to track open rates and click-through rates as well as to figure out, which emails are active and which clients decided not to receive your mail at all.

3. Cost effective. Email marketing is a cheap tool for promoting the brand, especially if you create emails by hand. However, once a month, you need to send emails to more than one client. Email services, which help you with sending many emails, are not too expensive. You can use convenient features such as setting the time to send emails, creating templates for standard emails, and so on.

4. Personalized. Personalized subject lines increase open rates by 25 percent and six times higher transaction rates, which leads to improving reputation.

5. Quickly created. It takes you one minute to create a new email template for a marketing campaign. Moreover, it takes one minute to reach millions of your customers.

The disadvantages of email marketing.

1. Spam. Constant emailing irritates users. If your emails are not targeted to the necessary audience and are too frequent, recipients may delete them or just blacklist your website. Make sure your emails comply with privacy and data protection rules as well as are sent to the right people.

2. Unread messages. If an email contains spam keywords or blacklisted links, it will be sent to the spam folder, and the recipient won’t even see it.

3. Bad reputation. One company can leave the customer with the wrong impression of emailing. Then, customers will consider your company as a spammer too, even if your emails carry only an informative character.

4. Competitors. Now every company uses email marketing. At the end of the day, the customer has too many messages from each company. Guess what? Users just don’t have time to read all of them. Thus, emails stay unread.


Follow some essential rules, and you will succeed in email marketing. Think deeply about email marketing before planning an advertisement strategy around it. Nevertheless, if you do it right, email marketing can be very effective.

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