Links export

Links export provides customers with one more useful feature. It is about exporting all your short branded links to the PC as an Excel document.


You may see in the example above that what you write after the slug is in the first position, then a long URL is situated, and the last is the name of the site.

Why do you need this?

Imagine that you want to add a new domain name but simultaneously to keep all links from the previous domain. For this, export all links to the computer. After that import Excel file to a new domain or just write to CEO for transferring your links.

Next method is if you want someone, for example a business partner, to see the list of your short branded links but without opening access to account. In this case, with exporting links helps you stay in safety. You just download links to the Excel document and send it by e-mail.

For example, you decided to change shortening service and in order not to lose links data you need all your links be in one document. The Export feature comes you in handy. First, you export links to the computer, then import this document to another shortening service.

Moreover, this document helps you to have links data in one place, thus you may use it in any ways you wish.

How to export links?

For exporting links, write to with request to add the export button. This button will appear at the bottom of the Domain Settings page. When you click on Export links, the Excel document will be downloaded to the computer.

In case of obstacles feel free to ask support for help.

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