How to configure a domain with

How to configure a domain with

The need for a solid domain name within all internet processes is vital for a future success. Depending on the interests of the firm, there is a vast range of domain names to choose from.

And it is a Gandi service , which comes you in handy while looking for the best domain. Gandi presents many popular domain names up to 700 extensions. To find your favorite one – type it in a search line. The service is too simple in usage and has many advantages.

SSL certificate

As you might read here, shortening service has an SSL certificate for all your short links free of charge. That is what Gandi has also but for long URLs.
Note: SSL certificate in Gandi service is free for one year.


When you buy a domain – Gandi provides you with two mailboxes up to 3GB free. It is a helpful feature because other services require payment for this tool.


All of us know that personal security is an essential part of any process, especially web. So one more advantage of Gandi service is that it hides user’s information free of charge. Therefore, no one has access to your phone number, address, and e-mail.

Configuration with

Gandi service is improving more and more and becomes as quickly as a flash. Thus, a new DNS record renews fast. It takes you 5 minutes to configure a new Gandi domain with shortening service.

Let’s examine a detailed way of customizing a domain.

1. Find your desirable domain in a search line.
2. If it is unavailable, Gandi suggests you another similar one.
3. Add a chosen domain to a cart and make a purchase and some registering steps.
4. Go to a account, click on the button “Add new domain” and write your bought domain. Now it is inactive.
5. Go to a Gandi account and open a tab “Domain names” from the left of your screen.
6. You will face a domain list. Choose a new one.
7. After that, click on DNS records from the left.
8. Delete all existing records and add a new one – “A” record with “@” name and IP address. This is an IP, which connects Gandi and
9. Save.

Refresh a “Domain settings” page in in some minutes. The domain must be active. If not – wait for some hours.
In case of facing any obstacle – write support.

For more clear realizing the way of configuring a domain – watch a video guide below. It helps you to avoid difficulties.

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