& Google Sheets: How To Use

Google Sheets is a convenient tool for sharing information with colleagues, friends, and teammates. The advantage of using Google Sheets is that recently updated data is at once visible to other members.

Apart from creating tables and graphs, and computing, Google Sheets support long links for caption, storing or tracking.

Ways to use and Google Sheets integrates with Google Sheets via Zapier app. Zapier combines two or more web services to automate work. With the power of and Google Sheets, you can avoid creating duplicated short links.

  1. If you are keeping track of URLs in a Google sheet, shorten these links to enhance their promotion. Use " + Google Sheets" Zap to create a short link from sheet rows. Each time someone adds or edits a long link on the Google sheet, a new short link will be created in Therefore, you will always use short links with correct destination URLs.

Watch the video guide on how to create short links from Google Sheets.

  1. If you need to create short links in bulk without technical skills, " + Google Sheets" Zap comes in handy. Just load a list of long links (up to 50) to your Google spreadsheet. They will be shortened by automatically. It takes several minutes to configure a Zap, which saves hours of shortening.

Remember to leave a Zap on for further link shortening.

Watch the video instruction on how to customize shortening links in bulk with “ + Google Sheets” Zap.

In case of questions, feel free to contact support.

What did you learn:
  • and Zapier integration.
  • How to use Google Sheets.
  • Shorten links in bulk.
  • Shorten links from Google Sheets.
  • Import links from Google Sheets.
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