Short links tracking with Heap Analytics

Short links tracking with Heap Analytics

The Heap tool is a mobile and web analytics with a smart approach to tracking.

How does Heap work?

Heap is based on a JavaScript library that you need to install on all website pages you want to track. The Heap app collects all actions taken on your site with some basic contextual information like page information, CSS selectors, and text on links or buttons.

If you want to track additional information about the events, you are required to add custom code to your website using the Heap JavaScript API.

Customer data like name, email, plan, and other information will be implemented using either Heap’s JavaScript API or a backend API. Heap displays the events when users aren’t actively on your site. For example, someone makes a payment or opens an email. To activate this feature, you need to write code and send it to Heap’s API directly.

Why do you need while using Heap analytics?

When you install Heap via Segment, the out-of-the-box event collection works just like a direct implementation of Heap.

Note: You don’t need to add the Heap JS code to your site manually. Once Heap integration is enabled, your Segment events and user traits will be translated.

The core reason to implement Heap via Segment is that you don't have to write ETL code for adding additional data into your Heap account. integrates with Heap integrates with Heap thanks to the Segment app. Segment collects the information about the clicks from the account and sends it to the Heap analytics. The integration via Segment simplifies the way of installing Heap app to the website. You don’t need JS code, just point API and Heap ID.

Heap analyzes and structures data according to some parameters:

  • Graphs. Choose the type of a graph, a short link, and an event property.
  • Funnels. Compare the APIs of two short links.
  • Users. Choose a core segment of users you want to be displayed: All users, daily/weekly/monthly active users.
  • Retention. The retention of users who did visit_short_link1 and then visit_short_link2.

Using and Heap integration allows to measure traffic and make conclusions about the visitors’ behavior.

Watch the video guide below to customize and Heap integration.
In case of obstacles, feel free to contact support.

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