Five Reasons Short Links Are Necessary for Brand Awareness

Five Reasons Short Links Are Necessary for Brand Awareness
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Brand awareness will often be what makes or breaks a business. In the early days of a brand, getting your name out and grabbing the best type of exposure is imperative. Several businesses, both small and large, enter the game equipped with the best strategies.

They spend thousands and establish campaign plans, all for a bigger guarantee of success. After all, getting the right type of brand awareness means getting one step closer to success. But perhaps there is one key factor to brand awareness that several businesses overlook.

Let's dive into how the short link can assist you in getting the best reputation for your brand.

But first, what exactly do we mean by "brand awareness"? Simply put, brand awareness is a measure of how memorable and noticeable a brand is to its target. Brands use several different online and offline platforms to increase their brand awareness.

So how exactly can short links increase brand awareness? Well, it does present several advantages, but here are our top five reasons as to why short links increase brand awareness:

Short links are malleable—they can be shortened, lengthened, or rebranded. This becomes an asset for a variety of reasons: increasing brand familiarity, limiting confusion, and giving your brand a professional feel.

When it comes to getting your name out there, more is always better. Placing your brand's name on every link you dish out makes it more familiar. This is ideal as increasing brand familiarity with the public makes a brand seem more established. Ergo, people tend to go for brands that are more popular.

At the same time, short links can be customized for specific purposes. Imagine if every clickable link on your favorite online store's website were simply a bunch of random URLs. It would most definitely be a confusing and disappointing experience. Users would have a frustrating time navigating through a site with no specific labels.

So when it comes to links, branded links are not only preferred but downright expected. If you visit any known or successful brand websites, long URLs are rare—if not nonexistent. In today's modern market, the use of lengthy URLs should no longer be a viable option.

Remove Suspicion

Lengthy URLs with a bunch of random and unfamiliar characters will often look sketchy to users. After all, millennials know all too well how easy it is to be exposed to viruses on the internet. That is the last thing you want your online presence to be associated with!

When a brand places its name on a link, a little bit of trust is added. Something clicks inside a user's brain; they subconsciously recognize that if a brand is willing to proudly place its name on a link, the possibility of it being a harmful link is unlikely.

Perfect for Walking Ads

Any physical form of advertisement that can travel is a potential walking ad. From promotional shirts, caps, jackets, mugs, and bags to more deliberate forms of advertisements like flyers, coupons, and business cards, the shortened link is perfect for them.

With the convenient feature of being shortened and rebranded, you can easily release a brief and catchy phrase into a link and paste it virtually anywhere. Have your employees wear it on shirts. Print them in wrapping paper, takeout boxes, or paper bags.

This will serve as traveling ads, and the range your brand reaches grows every time a customer is able to somehow carry your brand's name. Potential clients may not necessarily type in your link, but with your brand being more familiar, the possibility of choosing yours over your competitors' increases.

UTM Tracking

A big part of increasing brand awareness lies in knowing which platforms serve you best. When a brand doesn't know which platforms bring in the most and least engagement, both effort and money are wasted. This is why UTM tracking is important.

UTM tracking is a feature available in a short link. By placing tags on every link, UTM trackers can tell you how users got to your site and how many users each platform brings in. With this knowledge, you can make wiser and more educated decisions on which platform to focus more or less in.

For example, if Twitter doesn't bring enough traffic, you may choose to either spend some money to reach more of its users or move on to different social media apps. When making these sensitive decisions, it is vital to have accurate and relevant information.

Data Gathering

A short link may be pretty and tiny, but it hides several features between its few characters. Undoubtedly one of the most useful and impressive features is data gathering. That's right; your short link is your very own personal spy.

With every clicked link comes necessary information on your users. You can learn a lot of information about your clicker, but among the most relevant are location, devices used, and websites' rush hours. These three are all key information when promoting a brand.

Location can tell you where most of your users reside, and with this, you can adjust your ads to their cultural preferences. You may even do enough research to predict trends and figure out which holidays call for sales and changes in ad designs.

Devices used can tell you if your users access your website with a smartphone or a PC and to some extent, their purchasing power. Your website's rush and lean hours can determine when best to launch sales, make big announcements, or implement changes and conduct maintenance issues on your site.

The short link is sure to help you get your name out there in the best ways possible. With all of its features, increasing brand awareness becomes a more possible and effective task. However, that is merely one of the areas a short link is effective.

Short links hold features that help you in every step of the way, from the earliest days of your business to the busiest ones. Educating yourself in all of the advantages it presents can only help your brand prosper.

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