Here’s How You Can Find Your Best Audience

Here’s How You Can Find Your Best Audience
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With the rising popularity of the internet came a revolutionary change in advertising; there are now several types of it. It has thousands of strategies and techniques, and several masterclasses regarding its intricacies are littered across the internet.

Billions are spent by businesses to ensure the best advertisements. Campaign plans involving a team of people analyzing data and creating financial budgets are employed. Celebrities receive hefty sums of money to endorse services. With so much preparation and money spent on ads, what is one perfect way to make sure your ad reaches its most suitable audience?

Let’s take a look at how Geotargeting is your advertisement’s best friend.

What is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting, often also referred to as location targeting, is a marketing tactic used to deliver content to individuals based on their location. You have the “geo” for geographic and “targeting” because you’re targeting a specific location. Marketers often use Geotargeting to make sure people within a certain area are exposed to their ads.

How Can Geotargeting Help Your Business?

There are several advantages when it comes to using Geotargeting. But how exactly do these advantages aid your business? Here are five ways Geotargeting helps your business.

Target a Specific Area

One service Geotargeting presents you with is how to target a specific area. Perhaps you’re thinking Geotargeting can help you get ads to your users of a particular city. Well, you’re not wrong, but it’s more than that.

Geotargeting can not only target countries, states, or cities, but it gets even more specific. With Geotargeting, even parks, beaches, and other attraction sites can be put into focus. This is especially useful when your service is relevant to the area.

For example, if you’re a lawyer who’s looking to advertise your services, then perhaps you’d like to target courthouses, police departments, etc., as well as neighboring towns and cities where you practice. Or if you’re planning to open a tropical-drink inspired business by the beach, then targeting the beach itself would be perfect.

Block Out Areas for Accuracy

Another feature you’re going to appreciate about Geotargeting is its ability to block its ads on certain areas of the map. Now, you must be thinking, “By blocking out other areas, aren’t I limiting my exposure?” Well, yes and no.

The beauty of blocking out other areas is that it concentrates more on the areas you want your ads to go to. It’s like feeding chickens in a fenced area. If you toss out chicken feed, you’d want it to go into your area only as tossing it beyond the fence makes it inaccessible to the chickens.

In the same way, tossing out ads randomly towards large areas costs you more, only to have it ignored by a large percentage. You wouldn’t want the advertisements on your jelly donut shops to land on diabetic centers or your steak restaurant ads to concentrate on vegan organizations.

When you block out certain areas in Geotargeting, you automatically place more accuracy and concentration towards the people who will most likely respond to them.

Make Google Your Ally

Yes, Geotargeting makes an ally out of Google. “How?” you may ask. Well, it’s simple. When a person googles a certain service in your area, your products will most likely appear. But, of course, it has a little more nuance to it.

Picture this, you’re planning on spending the weekend in Philadelphia, so you google “Philadelphia Bed and Breakfast” and are hit with several results. You check the first few ones you see and book a service for three nights.

When you arrive in Philadelphia, you then google restaurants in your specific area to get something to eat and the same thing happens. You are hit with several results and you decide to go to the first few ones you see.

Do you think finding the Bed and Breakfast and the restaurant were coincidences? No, they most likely weren’t. Geotargeting partners up with search engines to make sure your services rank higher than your competition in search results.

So even when your user isn’t in Philadelphia, as long as your user googles Philadelphia and the service you provide, your ads will show up. At the same time, when your user googles your service in Philadelphia, your service will most likely rank higher in search results than your competitors.

Make Your Ads Persistent

Often, exposure to one or two ads isn't enough to make your product permanently remember your service. If a person is simply visiting the area, seeing one ad probably won't convince him immediately. The final advantage Geotargeting presents you with is its ability to make your ads persistent.

Not only will your users be presented with an ad in your targeted location, but they will continue to be exposed to it even when they've left. All they need to do is step into the area you've targeted. Your ads become persistent, as they will continue to give your service exposure despite being out of your target's reach.

This ensures that your users are continually reminded of your product. So whether it's a user just passing by or one in a permanent residence scrolling through his phone, Geotargeting will strive to advertise your product.

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Geotargeting Is Simply the Beginning

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