How Can Improve Your Marketing Plan via A/B Testing

Creating the ideal online marketing plan seems nearly impossible, especially when a thousand others seem perfect and well thought of. Millions of businesses have devised new and inventive ways to catch people's attention. Several professions rely on how to advertise a product appropriately. Countless educational videos and workshops have been dedicated to marketing brands and services.

There are so many ways to market, but is there a way to determine which ones are effective or what strategy works best? Yes—it's called A/B testing.

Here's how A/B testing works and why you should use it if you're looking for the ideal marketing plan for your business.

What Is A/B Testing?

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A/B Testing is a method that assesses the performance of two variations of a website and compares them with each other. "A" would be the original default website, and "B" would be the variant. The A/B Testing method is also often referred to as the split testing method, and we can see why.

It splits the number of users into two groups. When people click a link equipped with the A/B Testing method, 50% will be directed to the original page and 50% to the variation page. 50% - 50% is the typical value, but it can be edited to any other.

It could be that the two variations of the site are entirely different. Or, it could be the two variations are almost exactly the same with only one web element changed. It could also be that several web elements are changed.

Ultimately, the A/B Testing method is usually used to determine how users would react to or engage with two types of content.

How Can A/B Testing Help You Create Your Ideal Marketing Plan?

Marketing in Colorful Alphabets
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The A/B Testing method helps in creating your ideal marketing plan. It presents results and conclusions that contribute to bettering your marketing plan. Here are the two main reasons the A/B testing method is so effective:

1. It Shows You What Is Effective

When you compare two variants and get the results of which have acquired more engagement, you come to enlightening conclusions. You figure out which variant is preferred by more people, and from there, you can figure out why or what makes it receive more engagement.

For example, if you put different color schemes for each variant, employed the A/B testing method on the link, and set it to the 50% value, you would figure out which color scheme was more well-received.

You can either choose the more popular option or conduct more tests with different variants in different color schemes until you feel you've reached the most popular and engaging one. The same can be said for other web elements.

You can also use A/B testing to compare sales pages. For example, if you hired someone to improve your sales page, you would want to have a solid metric to compare their performance. By using A/B testing, you can see how your sales page performs against your old one without any bias.

The color scheme and sales page example are merely the start. With A/B Testing, you can determine what types of ads, posts, content, sales, merchandise, etc., your target audience wants. All it takes is patience and excellent online service that specializes in links.

2. It Prepares You for Big Events

Catering with Nüsch winery and their world famous Rich Prosecco at grand opening event of Courage Mode in Widnau. New outlet for clothing, dresses, shoes and more.
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There are many things far too important to be left to chance. Sure, there are success stories about how an entrepreneur took a chance and succeeded. But success is all but guaranteed to those who are prepared. And that's what the A/B Testing method helps you with—preparation.

Picture this: you're an individual who's built a sizable online following. A few months ago, you decided to open up your business. You promote the heck out of it. You've spent much time agonizing over every detail, tailoring your site into what you think your audience might want.

And then it flops. You end up with months of time, money, and effort sacrificed for a disappointed audience and minimal sales.

The A/B Testing method prevents these things from happening, prepares you, and simplifies your life. Instead of wondering if your attempts will tank or not, you would actually know. Why? Because you've done the work—you've tested it repeatedly until you're satisfied.

With A/B Testing, every post, ad, and launch has been assessed and tested for success.

How to Set Up A/B Testing in

A/B Testing is a short link feature found in URL shortening services. Although it may be confusing to set up, link shortening services like make it simple. Here's a quick tutorial on how to set up A/B testing using

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Shorten a link. (If you have already shortened your desired link, open it for editing.)
  3. Click on the A/B Testing feature.
  4. The original link will be placed on the first field automatically. Set the variation page on the second field.
  5. Set the desired percentage of users you want to send to the variation page. It is set to 50% by default.
  6. Click Save.

Thankfully, services like have made the process far more manageable. You're on your way to creating your ideal marketing plan in just six easy steps. Is Happy to Help makes building anything online easier. Whether it be amassing a large following, creating successful websites, or creating your perfect marketing plan, is your man. A/B Testing is simply one of the dozens of features is ready to help you with. Check out how can assist you in your online endeavors.

The Perfect Marketing Plan Requires More

Although there is no doubt that A/B Testing contributes to the formation of the perfect marketing plan, it often requires more than that. The competition to get the best and most exposure is fierce, and people are constantly coming up with new ways to capture people's attention.

Arming yourself with every online tool you can find to help you and your projects grow is something truly worth considering.

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