How Short Links Are an Offline Asset

How Short Links Are an Offline Asset
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Although Covid-19 had shaken the entire world, life is slowly falling back into place. While many of us were under lockdown, the online advertising world had risen exponentially. Now, with the new normal gradually taking hold, people are excited to be out and about.

This is the perfect time to invest and prioritize offline advertisements. There are several ways to do this, but one overlooked tool brands can use is the short link. But how, exactly, can the short link be of use offline when links live on the internet?

Let’s check out how short links thrive even offline.

Short links and all their hidden features are powerful tools online. A single click can present a buttload of data relevant to your brand’s success. But little is known about the short link’s contribution offline. Here are five reasons short links flourish online:

They’re Easy to Memorize

Perhaps if your target customer was online, long and random URLs wouldn’t be much of a problem. Copying and pasting links or clicking one online is an easy task. But not the same can be said of a link that is placed offline. When you place a link offline, the challenge to remember the link lies with your customer.

Most of the time, the majority of people can’t be bothered to memorize them. And even if they can take the long URL down, the inconvenience of typing every character (the maximum amount of characters Google allows is 2,048!) can be frustrating.

The short link can not only be shortened, but it can also be customized into a more relevant and memorable word or phrase. This increases the likelihood of not only customers visiting your site but in them having a hassle-free time doing it.

They Can Be Transformed

Yes, the short link is customizable. Several of us know that lengthy URLs can be rebranded into a fewer set of characters, but they can be transformed into QR codes too! This presents your client with another convenient option.

If your user is offline and happens upon your service, a shortened and easy-to-memorize link is best. But if your user has access to the internet, the extra step of memorizing a link can be eliminated. A simple scanning of the QR code (most smartphones already have built-in scanners in their cameras) will direct your audience to your website.

They’re Pretty Enough to Place on Anything

The concept of giving or selling promotional items has been used by several brands. It’s no mystery as selling a promotional item means you are not only making a profit but getting free advertisement when people use your items.

And even if promotional items aren’t sold but given, the items with your brand’s name will travel with every client. The more people use your promo items, the more new users are likely to trust your brand.

However, you can take promotional items a step further by placing either a link or QR code in them. Without the shortened link, placing a long URL with random characters in between is not only difficult, but it would look far from professional. The brevity of a short link is an advantage when it comes to aesthetic appeal.

Aside from promotional items, short links and QR codes can also be stamped into packaging. Takeout boxes, shopping bags, and tissue paper are all excellent places you can place your short links. Both small and massive businesses have even adopted placing cards with links and QR codes inside shipped packages.

When you customize a link, they become pretty enough to place virtually anywhere. Mugs, caps, shirts, paper bags, wrapping paper, etc.—the short link may be an online thing, but it can make a home offline as well!

They Are Supported by UTM Trackers

One of the most valuable features hidden within a short link is its UTM trackers. UTM tracking tells us which site or link leads your user to your website with a single click. One would think that this would not apply to the offline short link. Fortunately, this is not the case.

UTM trackers can still track how many people get through offline links. This is possible as UTM trackers detect and count how many users get to your page through typing in your short link in the search bar or accessing your site through QR codes.

With this, the advantage of knowing whether your offline advertisements are effective (or ineffective) is still present. Data on the effectiveness of your offline campaign is crucial to the decisions you make on whether to hit the gas or pull the breaks on offline marketing.

They Can Be Used Professionally

Although offline short links help brands flourish every day, their usage does not lie solely on the entrepreneur. The short link is a versatile tool; there’s no reason other types of people can’t use short links.

Teachers can attach it at the end of a PowerPoint presentation to provide their students with additional study material. Associates from companies can place it in either their business card or their printed business proposals to give their partners a more in-depth view of their projects. And if you’re looking for a job, the short link can even look pretty and professional on your resume!

The uses of the short link cannot be counted. The limit only lies in your imagination. Is Your Offline Partner

If you’re looking to help your business grow or upgrade aspects of your job, URL shortening services may be for you. is a link shortening company that several brands use every day to ensure they are getting the best out of their links. Enjoy the benefits all the short links provide with

The Best of Both Worlds

The short link can be a true asset to your offline marketing campaign, but its true home is online. The advantages it presents and the available features are all designed to help you, your brand, or your job flourish. Making the most out of the short link may be the next significant step your brand makes.

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