How Short Links Make the Road to Becoming an Influencer Smoother

Being an influencer has become an attractive prospect to today’s generation. After all, who wouldn’t want thousands of people admiring you while you get paid hefty amounts from multiple sources of income?

To be heard, seen, and acknowledged—all while living with a comfortable income—is a dream come true for many. Perhaps this is why millions are working hard to build an audience and posting content every day. The road to becoming an influencer may look tough, but there’s one tool that can make it a bit easier.

Here’s why you should start using short links.

When you’re a big-time influencer with a steady amount of engagement, you have the luxury of hiring managers, personal assistants, analysts, and other types of staff to help you produce your best work. The same, however, cannot be said for some of us who are still building our online presence.

This is why short links are so useful. They can, to some degree, be your manager, assistant, analyst, and so much more. Here are some of the ways they can help you on your road to online popularity:

Track Which Platform Brings in Your Best Audience

In a simple world, the more people you have following you on a social media platform determines which platform is best for you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often, the number of followers you have doesn’t necessarily correlate with the support and engagement you get. A large following on one account doesn’t equal a steady stream of engagement or several brand deal offers.

For example, you could have a million followers on Tiktok, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more interaction than 500k followers on Instagram. Or, you could have several likes on your Facebook posts but have a minuscule amount of support on a site you’ve been constantly promoting. This is where short links come in.

Short links have a UTM tracking feature that tells you which platform gives you the most engagement. If you post a short link about a product you’re promoting on your socials, the UTM tracking feature can inform you on how many users each of your platforms bring.

This way, when you’re promoting a product, you know exactly which platforms bring in the best types of audience despite the lack of followers!

Make the Perfect Accessory for Your Stories and Bios

The term “link in bio” has become some sort of a private joke or iconic statement between influencers and their followers. Typically, whatever product or service an influencer wants to sell is made available by a link on their bio. This is especially popular on Instagram and Tiktok.

However, if you look at the bios of the top influencers, not a single one of them has a lengthy URL on their bios. This is because they know that sometimes, aesthetics are everything. What’s the use of having a theme for your feed or a professional feel to most of your videos when your bio is littered with a long line of random and suspicious characters? Shortened, pretty links are the way to go with bios.

Similarly, stories can be used to advertise. Several advertisements of businesses and services are posted on Facebook and Instagram stories. Another side to advertisements, however, do not necessarily relate to business. Often, people like to post about movements or charities they are passionate about.

When it comes to things such as these, stories often cannot do them justice. Perhaps even Instagram knows about this as they have a separate sticker mainly for affiliate links. Let your audience know just what you stand for and what inspires you by making the most of your social media stories!

Gather Data on Your Audiences

Perhaps the biggest reason you should use short links when it comes to building your platforms is because of the gathering data feature. Despite being pretty and brief enough to look good on a bio, the short link packs a punch when it comes to gathering info.

When a user clicks your link, not only are they transported into a different site, they are also harmlessly spied on. Information about their IP address, user agents, language, and more suddenly becomes available. These bits of information are relevant for several reasons.

The IP address gives you the location of your users. With this, you can figure out where the majority of your audience resides. The decision to change or adjust your content for your best audience can be made more accurately. At the same time, you can choose to be updated on their events or holidays to be sensitive to their preferences.

Every bit of information is presented for you to up your game and churn out better content. When you are armed with both significant and relevant information, every decision you make for you and your audience will most likely be a step closer to your goals.

Provide Convenience to Your Interactors

Have you ever tried clicking on a link expecting to see more of what caught your interest only to be met by a browser version of a social media platform, asking you to log in? And because it’s tasking, you opt out of viewing the post.

Well, your followers will probably appreciate the extra step of logging in being eradicated. And that’s what deep links do. It’s like a delightful bonus to short links. Instead of having to bear with a browser version, you will automatically be directed to the mobile-friendly in-app locations on your phone. Providing a convenient experience for your followers.

Being an influencer usually means more than posting entertaining or informative content online. Business proposals, meetings, advertisements, and a whole lot of other tasking activities come into play. Short links can offer a helping hand in almost all of these aspects. Cultivating knowledge on all the assets a short link may prove to be a very wise and fruitful decision for the future.

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