How the Short Link Makes the Side Hustle Life Easier

How the Short Link Makes the Side Hustle Life Easier
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The world is completely different from how it was ten years ago. With consumerism rising, depending on one job to satisfy all our wants and needs is becoming a more unlikely scenario. Fortunately, the world has grown, and earning opportunities pop up daily.

Commonly known as "side hustles", multiple sources of income have been encouraged by financial gurus all over the internet. However, the combination of an actual job and side hustles can often get overwhelming.

With the short link, side hustles aren't only managed easier but also allowed to flourish.

Although short links have been helping businesses and brands grow for years, there's no reason its versatility cannot extend to smaller-scale projects like side hustles. Here are the three key features a short link has that are guaranteed to help with your side hustles.

With a full-time job to cater to and a life to live, it's both difficult and time-consuming to concentrate your efforts on advertising whatever services your side hustle offers. And when an ad actually falls into the eyes of a potential customer, having them click on your ad once and forget all about your product can be frustrating.

This is precisely why link retargeting is perfect. Link retargeting targets the people who've shown interest in your service and continually exposes them to your ads. When a potential client clicks on an ad that leads them to your site, link retargeting locks onto them and gives them more of your ads later on—even when they are on a different page.

This could be helpful for three reasons. First, it gives you continuous advertisement. Second, it makes sure that your service is remembered. And finally, it reminds the viewer of your product and, subsequently, their interest in it.

For example, you bake cupcakes for special occasions. A customer may encounter your ad and click on it with interest. They view your designs and themes, are impressed, and make a mental note to check it out soon. However, when they need a cake, they would've forgotten about your site and instead avail of another baker's services.

This is not an unlikely scenario. It is, however, a scenario that could be avoided if you had link retargeting on your side. Another bonus is that repeated exposure to your ads makes your service more familiar, therefore, more "trustworthy" in a person's mind. With link retargeting, you increase your opportunities.

2. Campaign Tracking

Another critical feature that can help manage your side hustles is campaign tracking. What campaign tracking does is tell you which links bring in the most (and least) users to your site. Now, you may be wondering how this could be helpful. It could be in several ways.

First, it can boost your strengths and cut your losses. Say you have four side hustles that are doing alright. But then it becomes a little overwhelming as you've accepted commissions left and right, and you've decided you need to lessen your workload. That's where the statistics come in.

You can tell which link gets the most traffic with campaign tracking. So when the statistics show that a link you posted about custom-painting shoes gets thrice as much engagement as the link that advertises hand-made bracelets, you can decide which to cut off.

The same can be said with advertising. When you post links across social media, you can equip these links with tags that the links campaign tracking system can track. You'll be handed accurate statistics on which platform brings in the most and least engagement.

A side hustle is welcome to bring in as much profit as possible, but having it demand too much effort isn't ideal. With campaign tracking, you can choose the best one or two advertisement platforms instead of wasting your time across several platforms.

3. Detailed Statistics

Detailed statistics—the final feature for side hustles—does one thing: provide information. Although information doesn't seem as tenacious as link retargeting or as fancy and intricate as campaign tracking, this could arguably be the feature that could bring out the best from your side hustles.

This information provides the most likely answers to many vital questions. How do I increase my sales? How do I make sure this post gets the most attention? These are some of the questions one should be asking.

The best decisions are often the ones armed with the most information. Detailed statistics provide a buttload of information, the most relevant ones being your user's location and your website's rush hour.

When you have the right amount of information, you can make necessary changes to your side hustles that make them flourish. If most of your users are from another country, you can adjust a portion of your products to cater to their tastes. When you know your website's rush hour, you know when it is best to make big announcements.

Minor tweaks like those make a world of difference for your side hustles. Relevant and specific information can be made available with the help of a short link. Sides with You

Figuring out how to retarget links, track all those tags, and access the necessary information can also be a time-consuming job that no one with a full-time job and side hustles want.

This is why link shortening services are here to make your life abundantly easier. With URL shortening services such as, short links and all their features become effective and convenient.

Seize Opportunity

Often, side hustles can grow larger and produce so many sales that it becomes an individual's primary source of income. There are several success stories about people quitting their jobs as their side hustles became full-fledged businesses.

The possibilities for growth are endless, after all. Perhaps, with enough help from short links and seized opportunities, their stories could be yours.

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