How to Create Short Links From Your Phone

Shortening links directly from your phone is essential for seamless on-the-go engagement when the digital world is always awake and fast-paced. As our reliance on smartphones intensifies, the need to condense lengthy URLs becomes paramount.  

Shortening links from your mobile device enhances efficiency and ensures that your shared content remains concise and easily accessible, catering to the preferences of today's mobile-centric audience.  

This practice is not merely a convenience; it's a strategic imperative for navigating our dynamic online world with agility. It allows you to share information effortlessly and make a lasting impact, all from the palm of your hand. 

Creating links from your iOS devices can be a game-changer. You may not always have your laptop with you, so being able to shorten links with a mobile device offers a world of benefits. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to set up. Here's how. 

  1. Download the app on the App Store.
  2. Log into your account on the app. If you don't have one yet, you can make one for free on!
  3. Once you've logged into your account, paste the URL you want to shorten on the top field, then tap the + button.
  4. In the Link was created window, tap the copy icon to copy the shortened URL. You can also change this by editing the Slug field and tapping Save.

With that, you can easily create short links on your iPhone. But if you don't like launching apps and prefer using the iPhone Shortcuts app, check out the following steps.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app. 
  2. If it's your first time, add any shortcut from the Gallery. 
  3. In system settings, locate Shortcuts and allow untrusted shortcuts. 
  4. Access the shortcut here
  5. Input your domain and API key in the shortcut.  
  6. To add the shortcut to your home screen for easy access, long-press, select the + icon, and choose the Shortcuts widget. 

Of course, isn't only available to iOS. You can also experience the convenience of shortening links on an Android device! Here's how. 

  1. Download the app on your phone. If you don't have it, click here. It's free! 
  2. Log into your account. 
  3. Paste the link you want to shorten on the top field and tap the + icon
  1. Type in the link slug and title you want. (You can also select which folder to save it into and what tags you want to place.) 
  2. Click Save
  1. Click the copy icon to be ready to paste your shortened link. 

For more detailed instructions, you can also check out our full video tutorial on how to shorten a link with's Android app.

Since values options and convenience, you can shorten links through your Android and iOS devices and a Telegram bot! The process is fast and easy.  

Note: You will need a Telegram account for this bot to work. 

  1. Open your Telegram account. 
  2. Copy this link and paste it on Telegram's search bar or you can scan the QR code below through your Telegram. 
  1. Select the option and press Start. (If you've activated the bot, it will show Restart instead.) 
  1. Send the bot your API Key. 
  2. Send Select domain
  3. Choose the domain you want to shorten. 

 And with that, your shortened link is ready to send! 

The ability to navigate seamlessly from our mobile devices is not just a convenience but a necessity. Now, let's explore the three advantages that make link shortening from your phone a game-changer in the digital era. 


 Creating succinct links directly from your phone transforms the dynamics of digital engagement, introducing portability that redefines our interaction with information.  

Picture yourself at a bustling networking event, eager to share your latest project or a captivating article. In this scenario, the significance of being able to condense URLs becomes significant—a swift and accessible means to make an immediate impression. 

Whether using an iOS or Android device, the sheer convenience of link shortening relieves you from bringing a laptop, ensuring that you can captivate your audience wherever you are.  

The app and Telegram bot elevate this experience, giving users the power to craft concise, memorable links at the tip of their fingers.  

This newfound portability isn't merely about convenience; it's a strategic advantage that empowers you to seamlessly share information, fostering meaningful connections and leaving a lasting impact, all within the palm of your hand. 


 Efficiency takes center stage when crafting short links from your phone, providing a quick and convenient solution for seamless digital connectivity. 

Imagine you're on the go, exploring a bustling city, and you stumble upon a vibrant pop-up shop with a limited-time discount. Excited about the find, you want to share the opportunity with your readers or followers instantly.  

Without needing a laptop, you can pull out your phone, swiftly shorten the URL to the shop's exclusive offer, and share it in real time.  

Here, the ability to generate links on the fly accelerates the sharing process and exemplifies the strategic use of digital tools in capturing opportunities and spreading spontaneous moments.  

Crafting short links from your phone becomes a valuable asset, allowing you to navigate the fast-paced digital landscape with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. 


Crafting short links directly from your phone enhances accessibility, especially for businesses aiming to fortify their online presence.  

If you were at a business conference and a potential client expressed interest in your latest product demo, swiftly shortening and generating a concise demo URL on your phone and sending it to them shows clients you're prepared.  

This link becomes a powerful asset for accessibility, enabling the interested client to access your product details with a quick scan.  

In this scenario, mobile link shortening facilitates immediate engagement and reinforces your brand's accessibility, providing a hassle-free means for potential clients to explore your offerings without cumbersome processes.  

It's a strategic approach that transforms spontaneous interactions into opportunities—all achieved effortlessly from your handheld device. for Your Phone allows you to shorten links from your mobile devices; however, that's not the only feature the app offers.  

With the app, you can add/delete domains, shorten, customize, and share branded links, apply features (e.g., Geo- and Mobile targeting, UTM tags, Link cloaking, Link expiration), track domain and link statistics, set up retargeting and integrations for advanced tracking, and more!  

All of these become available anywhere, anytime with Download the app today! 

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