How to Create Short Links via API

How to Create Short Links via API
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Using an API to make short links simplifies the whole process. It saves you time and effort by automating the process, and you can even integrate it into different apps, email services, or social media platforms.

With an API, you can create links with personalized content and track how well they perform. You also get security features and the freedom to customize them.

An API for making short links makes everything smoother, giving you more control and insights over your online communication and marketing. So, let's discover how to create short links using an API and dive into all the benefits you enjoy when using it.

Creating short links through an API can seem daunting, especially if you have little to no knowledge of writing source codes. So, to help you, here’s a simple, five-step guide to creating your own short link via an API.

1. Obtain an API Key

Log into your account to get your API key. Just click on the menu icon at the upper right corner of your dashboard, click Integrations & API, and then choose CREATE API KEY.

The secret key will then appear in the next window. Don't forget to copy it and keep it in a safe place as you cannot recover it later.

If you don't have a account yet, don't worry, as you can make one free; no credit card details are required.

2. Write Source Codes

You don't have to write the source code from scratch to create short links. You can just copy and paste the code to create a short URL with an auto-generated path from our API guide.

The guide covers several languages, like PHP, Python, C#, Go, and node.js. We also have an API Reference page, where you can get reference codes for your needs.

3. Execute the Code

Run the code, and you'll receive a JSON response containing essential keys like "shortURL" and "idString." You can also visit the API Reference page to run test requests. That way, you can check for errors before implementing it to your page.

Your newly created short link is in the "shortURL" key of the response. Additionally, note the "idString" for future updates or deletions of the URL. 

If you’ve followed all the steps above, then congratulations! You've successfully created a short link via an API. 

Creating short links via our API doesn't just simplify the process. It also unlocks possibilities for personalized content delivery and seamless integration. Now, let's delve into why taking charge of your link creation can be a game-changer, offering you a range of benefits beyond mere convenience.


You gain unparalleled control over the entire creation process by crafting your short links through the API. This means you decide how your links look, ensuring they align perfectly with your brand identity. Customization options go beyond just the link itself.  

You can tailor every aspect, from the domain to the path. With this level of control, you can create links that resonate with your audience, reinforcing brand recognition and trust. 

This fine-tuned control also allows you to incorporate specific keywords or campaign identifiers into your links, adding to their relevance. This meticulous customization enhances brand cohesion and boosts the links' visibility and impact across diverse marketing channels. 


Imagine the efficiency of creating not just one but numerous short links simultaneously. With API-driven link creation, scalability becomes a reality.  

Most products will require a unique short link when launching a large-scale marketing campaign featuring various products. API-driven link creation allows you to effortlessly scale your efforts, adapting to the increasing number of products and ensuring efficient management of diverse links as your campaign grows. 

This scalability not only optimizes current operations but also future-proofs your link management. As your demands evolve, the API-driven approach ensures continued efficiency, effortlessly adapting to the scope and complexity of your expanding link creation requirements. 

Whether you're managing a large-scale marketing campaign or have many links to generate, automation enables bulk link creation effortlessly. As your needs grow, creating links remains efficient, saving you time and effort. 


Security is paramount in the digital world. And with API-generated short links, you benefit from enhanced security features. Our API facilitates secure link creation and management, safeguarding your online assets.  

The utilization of API keys and secret keys gives you more protection, making sure only authorized users can create or modify links. This security framework establishes a trustworthy environment for your online presence. 

Beyond standard security measures, our API offers peace of mind by employing cutting-edge encryption protocols. This ensures secure link creation and management and shields sensitive data, creating a solid defense against potential cyber threats and upholding the integrity of your online assets. 


Understanding how your short links perform is critical to optimizing your online strategy. API-driven link creation provides detailed analytics, offering insights into click-through rates, geographic data, and more.  

This data empowers you to make informed decisions, refining your content and marketing approach based on real-time analytics. You can adapt and evolve your link strategy for maximum impact. 

Imagine a scenario where you're running a nationwide online campaign for a product launch. Through API-driven link creation, detailed analytics reveal that most clicks come from urban areas. This relevant data allows you to tailor your content or products to cater to your main audience. 

The data-driven approach ensures that your online strategy is optimized and precisely tailored to your audience's unique patterns and preferences, ultimately leading to a more successful and targeted campaign. 


The beauty of API-created short links lies in their seamless integration into various platforms and applications. Whether you're working with email campaigns, social media, or other digital channels, these links can be effortlessly incorporated.  

This integration ensures a cohesive online presence, enhancing user experience and extending the reach of your content. With API-created short links, the possibilities for integration are vast, allowing you to connect with your audience wherever they are. 

An Easier Alternative with 

Recognizing all the perks of making your own short links with our API not only makes sense but also makes it a more attractive option. However, if you’re still intimidated by creating source codes, has you covered! 

This easier and faster option is available. Generating links from a mobile app or client-side Javascript is also a great alternative. With, your comfort and convenience regarding link creation are of utmost importance.  

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