Redirect Visitors to the Specific Page of a Mobile Game

Redirect Visitors to the Specific Page of a Mobile Game

The mobile game industry is fast growing. As the number of smartphones is increasing, the innovative mobile apps are developed to engage the audience. The question is, how to improve user experience after the game has been created.

URL shorteners come into mind when it’s about product promotion and customer engagement. So, what about applying tricky features to a mobile game industry? The shortener service inevitably transforms the way the developing game sector is operating.

Deep links – a tool for increasing sales and re-engaging customers. For games, things are just recently beginning to take off. This is because some developers raise the question about the actual impact of deep links on user engagement with games.

The advantage of using the shortening service for deep links is that there is a ready-made solution. Continue reading to make sure that short, deep links can benefit your game.

Increase Installs

Share short, deep links with bonus points, which will be given to users after a successful install. A reward motivates users to install a game. Once a deep link is opened, it will launch the game on the relevant operating system. If it’s not installed, a needed store will be opened.

When new users launch the game for the first time, they will be redirected at once to the table with a bonus pack. Without deep links, a manual process would be required for these steps such as searching for the game, entering a promo code, and so on.

In-game Purchases

In-game offers of gold and bonuses—typically a new weapon or additional coins—could be promoted by using deep links.

You should redirect users to the page with specific bonus items instead of the main page of your game. To notify gamers about ongoing deals, post a short deep link on social media, emails, SMS, ads, or push notifications.

Boost Retention

Deep links can bring users back to the level from which they had quit. After clicking a short link, users will be redirected to the last page associated with their previous level, not the main page of the game. You could reward users for a repeat install of the game.

How to set up deep links on


Conclusion is a flexible tool, which has many ready-made solutions such as deep links, retargeting, advanced integrations, API...Sign up and surf the service to find a solution that fits your needs.

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