The importance of HTTPS

The importance of HTTPS

The entire world is chained to the Internet. We always send personal data to each other and don’t think that there might be someone the third who is interested in stealing secret information.

What are HTTPS & SSL and why are they so essential?

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol for transferring data securely. It gives a chance to send information confidentially between web-browser and the second device, which is used for access the Internet.

In order to make HTTPS, you need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) – a secure protocol which should be installed in web-server. After that, the URL will be changed (instead of HTTP – HTTPS). Also at the beginning of the URL users will see a green mark and a padlock, which will point to the fact that the site is trustworthy. It will let customers use your service with assurance.

In such a way, whether users make online purchases, log in a personal account or do confidential correspondence, etc. – data will be transferred across the Internet safely. Only a particular and trusted recipient will get it.

If your site has already had HTTPS – great! The only thing you should do is to use it for all shortened links.
If not – immediately install it to protect the information.

Shortened links and HTTPS

Insecure shortened links provide hackers with an opportunity to track the traffic statistics of the link. Briefly, any computer fraud will have a chance to monitor who, when and from where visited the link. While secure shortened links will increase the reliability and, as a result, the CTR of the link.

Installing SSL for shortened URLs

As worries about the security of your site, we propose to implement SSL for the shortened branded links. key strength, in comparison with other shortening services, is in providing you with downright free installing SSL.
You will save up to 300$ per year.

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