HubSpot and Zap

HubSpot and Zap

Surfing the Internet takes a staggering portion of the person’s leisure. Always remember to spend time in the Worldwide web profitably. In such a way, this time will have resulted in your future achievements.

For example, if you are a business person, it’s a great idea to create a business blog. This type of blogging became popular in the last few years. It is a simple as well as far less sophisticated way for brand-building. Publishing posts with the latest updates and advantages of the brand, you increase customers' trust and loyalty.

Based on the current importance of the Internet, many advanced and productive services appear. HubSpot is one of the platforms you may use for a successful brand promotion. It is an app, which combines many facilities. CRM system, marketing analytics, sales manager and blog creator – everything is in one application.
Taken and HubSpot together form a powerful weapon to the way of product promotion.


HubSpot easy-to-use and attractive blog interface combined with short branded links double marketing success thanks to Zapier integration.
It's common knowledge that short branded links are the click baits for promoting websites. Their shortness and clearness attract customers to make clicks. Thus, the number of redirects is increasing more and more.

How does a Zap work?

When a new article is created – a new short branded link is appearing in dashboard. You can share it on social networks at once just by clicking on the Share button and choosing a necessary media platform.

After the first click made on a short branded link – will introduce you a detailed statistics. It will let understand whether a click maker is a bot or real person; in which social network the number of readers is the highest; in which country your blog has the biggest following and so on. This step will open access to the strengths and weaknesses of the brand.

Note: you may create short branded links for different types of HubSpot articles. It may be drafts, published articles or both the first and the second types.


Always be in search of useful marketing tools, integrations,and co-workers. Without external help, the brand won’t reach sales plans and success. You need helpers for this as , HubSpot and Zapier .

For accuracy and speed in Zap configuring, follow the video instruction below.

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