It’s Time to Boost Your Services with the Short Link

It’s Time to Boost Your Services with the Short Link
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Think of a brand—the biggest ones. It could be your favorite shoe brand or perhaps the brand of a phone you’re fiercely loyal to. Whatever you’ve thought of, they’ve probably used the short link. After all, expert digital advertisers are familiar with how advantageous short links can be.

If you think the short link is only worth it for large-scale companies, you’d be sorely mistaken. Although the short link is armed with features designed to aid big brands, it is just as equipped to help a company of one. Here’s how the short link can help boost your services.

Whether you’re a masseuse looking for regular clients, a digital artist hoping to add work to your portfolio, a lawyer determined to get your name out there, or any freelance worker with a service to provide, the short link is the perfect tool to aid you in gathering more sales and earning more credibility.

The short link comes with various features, but some are particularly fitting for personal services. Here are a few features that can enhance your service.


We’re starting strong with Geo-tracking! Perhaps the most suitable feature for your service, geo-tracking is the perfect way to ensure your ads fall into the hands of the most appropriate audience.

Let’s say you’re a baker situated in North Carolina. You have an active Instagram with several followers, and you’re confident in your baking skills. Although this sounds like a pleasant situation for your service, it could still be lacking.

How so? Well, with the way social media works, a majority of your followers would be cake enthusiasts; however, they could be situated all the way to Idaho or Arizona! As enthusiastic as they are about your skills, your exposure is simply targeted at the wrong audience.

This is where Geo-tracking comes in. With Geo-tracking, your ads are location-based. The more specific the location, the more specific the ads! This guarantees that your money and efforts are not wasted on unresponsive or irrelevant audiences.

This is perfect for starting your service as well! You could start targeting your ads to your local city, and when you’ve built a stable clientele and a reputation, you could consider expanding both your service and your targeted ad location.

Another factor that becomes possible with Geo-tracking is strategic ad locations. For example, if you’re a lawyer hoping to gain more clients, your ads could be targeted to local courthouses or police stations. Or, if you’re looking to become a full-time private tutor, you could target private schools for the possibility of higher pay.

Whatever service you provide, geo-tracking is a valuable feature worth considering.

So let’s say you’ve done considerable work to get your name out there. You’ve built a website for your service, posted links all over social media, put out flyers in public places, etc. These are all great ways to introduce your service to a client, but how do you make sure they return?

Yes, getting your name out is not an easy task, but making sure people remember your service enough to subscribe to it is even more challenging. Fortunately, short links have a feature for that too! Link retargeting is online ad persistence. It follows your users around and reminds them of your service.

So when your users click on a customized link you’ve posted and go to your site for further details, link retargeting starts its magic. It will continually present your user with ads about your service—even after they’ve moved on to different sites.

Plus, exposing an ad to a user repetitively is an advantage to you. Even if a user doesn’t subscribe to your service immediately, they may want or need to do so in the future. And when that time comes, they are likely to choose the more familiar option.

A great deal of work is placed into making ads catchy and placing them on several platforms. It would be a shame if they were simply viewed once and forgotten. Link retargeting assures that your ads be viewed repeatedly and increases the likelihood of interaction.

UTM Tracking

When you offer a personal service, a proven process for garnering clients is to post ads across social media. This is mainly apt for services that aren’t bound by location (i.e., online services, custom craft-making, etc.) But when it comes to these platforms, how do we determine which ones are the most effective?

Enter UTM tracking, yet another feature of the short link. UTM tracking makes determining which platform brings in the most engagement easy. It counts how many people come in from every platform by trackers and tags.

For example, when you post links across the different platforms of social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc.), you can add tags to every link that makes the tracker count how many people from each link count them and organize them into what gives the most clicks.

When you know where your ads thrive (or struggle), deciding where to place your efforts is easy. This could be especially useful as managing posts on several platforms could be tedious for one person. With UTM tracking, you can save time and prioritize the best platforms for your service. Offers a Convenient Experience

Operating through complex terms like geo-tracking or link retargeting can be pretty daunting, especially for first-time users. With, all the features a short link can offer are available and easy to use. Trusted by mega brands worldwide, upgrading your services with becomes an advantageous and convenient experience.

The Limit Does Not Exist

When you offer a quality, personal service to a market that demands it, the limit for expansion and growth does not exist. This is precisely why a short link is an option worth considering. The abovementioned features are perfect for a service for one person, but the short link has even more features prepared to help services develop into businesses. Considering link shortening services may help your services grow into limitless potential.

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