It's Time to Link Your Organization to Success

It's Time to Link Your Organization to Success
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A short link's significant role in the rise of brands worldwide has not always been known. The features it provides have been hidden gems to businesses worldwide. Fortunately, with more people becoming fluent in digital marketing strategies, the short link is slowly getting the recognition it deserves. Several businesses are now familiar with its features and use them to their advantage.

The short link, however, isn't limited to businesses. With its popularity slowly rising, more uses have been found for this flexible tool. Here's how the short link is perfect for your organization.

Thousands of different organizations—from your local charities to your fitness clubs—haven't quite reached their full potential yet. After all, millions of clubs, groups, establishments, etc., are out there, trying to recruit people desperately.

With so much competing for the spotlight, the short link is here to help give you that edge. Here are some of the ways the short link helps your organization:

1.      Location-Based Ads

Often, the problem of little recruitment stems from a lack of exposure. You may have great resources and a fantastic organization, but it would be pointless if no one knew about it. That's where the short link's geo-tracking feature comes in handy.

The geo-tracking feature provides the perfect type of exposure for your organization. Sure, you could invest in regular ads, but the geo-tracking feature lets you concentrate your ads in a particular location. This is particularly useful for organizations because most of them find the location of their users relevant.

For example, if you wanted to open a bee-keeping club in Miami, would it make sense to invest in ads that reach Louisville, Montana? No, in most cases, it wouldn't. With the geo-tracking feature, you guarantee your ads reach the eyes of Miami residents.

The more specific the location you target, the more accurate geo-targeting becomes. When you use the geo-tracking feature, you invest in location-based ads—ads that are most likely to come upon the most relevant people for your org.

2.      Accurate Statistics

The accurate statistics provided from a short link come from the UTM tracking feature. This feature is the crowd favorite as it can do three important things: 1) It tells you which platform gives the most engagement, 2) It tells you which platform gives the most engagement, and 3) It gives you numbers.

While the first two have been significant to brands' marketing campaigns, it is the latter that serves the most advantages for the organization.

When someone clicks on your customized short link, the number of clicks is recorded. When you post several links across several platforms (usually social media platforms), the UTM tracking feature records how many clicks you receive from each platform. This is good for building your organization's popularity.

At the same time, you get a good estimate of how much engagement a posted link gets. This could be useful for several events. For example, when your organization holds events (i.e., "March for Breast Cancer"), the number of clicks on your link could be a rough estimate of the number of people coming.

Speaking of events, a great way to advertise it is through the combination of geo-tracking and link retargeting! While geo-tracking ensures that ads will reach users in a specific area, link retargeting guarantees an ad to follow them wherever they are.

Link retargeting is pretty simple but highly effective. When a user clicks on any customized link you post, the link retargeting feature locks on to that person. So when they leave your site and visit another site, they will still be repeatedly exposed to your ads in the future.

This is especially suitable for events as it can serve as a reminder. If your user hesitates to attend your organized event, being repeatedly exposed to it will increase their likelihood of going. At the same time, it decreases the chances of their forgetting and planning something else during that time.

As fitting as this feature is for events, it still is a powerful tool for advertising the organization in general. It is one thing to purchase an item from an ad on the internet or subscribe to a service, but joining an organization is another thing. Joining an organization typically takes more thought, more commitment.

This is precisely why link retargeting gives an advantage to organizations. People who are reluctant to join will be reminded time and time again by the retargeted ads. It will not allow a user who's been exposed to your content to forget about your org and what it stands for.

4.      Teams With Roles

Although not as flashy as the previous three features, the "teams with roles" feature helps keep your organization organized! As tiny and pretty as it looks, the short link hides various features and a significant amount of relevant information between those characters.

For an organization with different people assigned to particular tasks, the "teams with roles" feature is an asset. This feature divides information amongst certain people. So if you have a person in charge of statistics, UTM tracking statistics can be made available for them specifically. When you can assign specific tasks to their designated people, work tends to flow more smoothly. Makes Life Simpler

Short links have a variety of features that provide several advantages to people. These features, however, can be complicated to use for those who aren't well-versed in the digital and online world. Luckily, link shortening features such as can help you fully use short links without things becoming too complicated. Consider subscribing to a link shortening service to get the best out of every link.

Invest in Your Organization's Future

This article has provided you with four ways a short link can help, yet a short link has even more powerful features. Although there are numerous strategies and techniques to put your organization on the online map, educating yourself on the advantages a short link can present you with is a decision and an investment worth considering.

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