Link Import From Other Link Shorteners | Tutorial

Link Import From Other Link Shorteners | Tutorial

Most customers appreciate's ability to import links from other link shorteners.

Why do you need to import links?

You might need to import links, for example, as you want to change the URL shortener. In case your current link shortener is too expensive or has inadequate number of features or too slow support, the best choice for that is to transfer short links from one shortening service to You can easily do that without losing the original URLs and associated data.

To start importing links, follow the instruction:

  1. Request your current URL shortener for exporting links.
  2. Get a file with short links.
  3. Go to
  4. Open the “Integration and API” tab.
  5. Upload the file into the necessary field.
  6. Import your links.

This instruction is appropriate for any link shortener, which provides the export feature. The migration process from Bitly is slightly different. Get acquainted with the “Migration from Bitly” article.


When a link import completes, you will get an email that notifies you about the import being finished. In case links aren’t imported for some hours, contact support.

Watch the video instruction below on how to import links. The video starts with the third instruction step.

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