What Is Link Trust?

The click-through rate (CTR) and the number of views determine the level of link trust. If links are reliable, visitors are more willing to click on the URLs. The task of the marketer is to increase the CTR, managing the perception of content.

Before clicking on a link, customers usually think is it worth being followed, who the link owner is, and whether or not the link content is useful. Answering these questions determines what is called link trust. There are some factors that can ensure people click on a link.

1. URL

Imagine you are looking through the Facebook news line. Compare two URLs: www.food-delivery/pizza and www.qwer.gnepfd.glwepf/go/gjfHi34/grge. Which one attracts you more? We suppose, the first one. It’s a psychological factor, which plays a crucial role. Seeing a cute thing, both you and I will have a desire to touch it. This happens with customers also. When they see a beautiful link, trust, assurance, and a nice URL make them click on it.

If you want to increase brand awareness and CTR, shorten links and customize them with a shortening service. Instead of long auto-generated URLs, you’ll get branded links. Follow some rules to keep links trustworthy.

  • Make the link readable. Do not use short links and random slugs. The user should read, understand, and remember your URL.
  • Make the link informative to hint at what will be at the end of it. Make sure that the person understands the link’s contents.
  • Use a branded domain. Custom domains increase brand recognition, which helps users click on the link more confidently as they are acquainted with the link’s owner.

Short links have the highest level of trust, as they are short and informative. However, not only links increase the level of trust.

2. Image

Images and videos attached to the link grab users’ attention. Images that describe the article’s contents let people understand the topic. Moreover, it’s better if the image contains the headline of the article.

3. Headline

Use headlines that consist of 8 words. This is the average length of headlines that attract users.


We introduced you a way of increasing link trust. The most important rules are shortening links to make them attractive, using a custom domain for brand recognition, and using a descriptive slug to provide the content.

The article is about:

  • How to increase link trust?
  • What is link trust?
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