application for macOS | URL Shortener application for macOS | URL Shortener has developed an application to shorten links via not only iOS but also macOS.

Basic idea

Shorten URL with's Mac app is a service that allows you to manage short links on your own domain and share screenshots. It works from the service menu on your Mac. takes a long web URL and converts it to a short one. After opening a Mac menu's Link tab, you merely have to press the “Shorten link from the clipboard” button, and then the pop-up window for customizing the link will appear. You can make some basic actions, such as editing a slug, adding tags, and customizing mobile targeting.

These are especially recommended for blog sites where you are limited to the number of characters you can use. This application allows you to get the short URL in one step instead of copying a long URL, going to the site, pasting it, and then getting the short URL. With, this process is now quick and simple.

How to Install the MacOS Application


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