How to Customize a Main Page Redirect

How to Customize a Main Page Redirect

Redirection is the technique which is performed when the request of moving to unavailable webpage hits the server. Redirections automatically re-route users and a search engine from one web page to another.

Short domain and Redirection

The main page redirect is a necessary step in shortening links. Such redirection lets send visitors to any page of your site. If the users directly visit your short branded domain, by mistake or deliberately, they will be routed to a specified page of your main website.

Redirection to your branded site increases user experience. Instead of moving to an error page, customers visit the website. You can set up any page, which you think is the most appropriate. It could be a pricing page or a home page.

How to customize a Main Page redirect?

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Open Domain Settings tab.
  3. Paste a necessary URL.
  1. Save.

What did you learn?

  • What is a main page redirect?
  • Why do you need a main page redirect?
  • How to set up home page redirect on

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