How Mobile Providers Use

How Mobile Providers Use

Mobile providers are becoming increasingly digital. The days of trying to replenish account offline have been replaced by making replenishment online.

The clicks mobile providers get across multiple channels: SMS, web, and social come into the mix when operators have to think about how to engage the audience best.

URL shorteners come into mind when it’s about product promotion and customer engagement. So, what about applying to a mobile providing industry? The shortener service transforms the way the mobile providing sector operates.

Best Practices of Using Short Links for Mobile Operators

Mobile providers present the best insights on embracing short links to improve mobile services.

  • SMS Marketing

SMS is a personalized form of communication between organizations and consumers. When people come across a short link like, they’re unlikely to click the link because it has a generic domain. Users have no idea of the URL origin, thinking the link is spam. The mobile providers can adapt their SMS campaigns to include the branded short links to transform their customer reach and increase click-through rates.

You can text customers with a personalized SMS to direct them to a needed web page. For example, use SMS marketing to send customers special offers: a discount for the features or providing additional Internet traffic for free. The next case is to remind customers to renew an account. You can send a notification with the expiry date and a short link to redirect users directly to the billing page.

With, the mobile providers can integrate the SMS campaigns and track the links in every text message. This makes the engagement rates on different promotions easy to track.

How to launch SMS Marketing via

  • Geo-targeting

Whether you’re a multinational mobile provider located in multiple cities, it can be tough to send the correct links to all your customers from different areas.

By using the Geo-targeting, the mobile organization can easily send and organize the links. You can redirect users to the relevant web-pages depending on their location. Divide users not only by countries but also by regions, so that customers of two different areas will face separate web-pages.

That is convenient if the different discount offers belong to different cities. Geo-targeting allows users to create only one short link not a pack of links for the cities. Embed UTM parameters into the geo-targeted links to receive the detailed click insights.

How to set up geo-targeting on

  • Editing a destination URL

When promotions end, allows updating the original URL to redirect users to current deals and relevant content. Such a minor feature lets save time on shortening links and launching the advertisement campaign from scratch.

How to edit a destination URL on

  • Deep links

Mobile providers now develop mobile apps for improving user experience. Customers can easily manage the account via the mobile app. If you want to encourage customers to download your app or just make them start using it again, create a deep link that sends customers directly to an appropriate location within the app.

If you’re promoting a sale via SMS, customers click a short deep link that takes them to the sales page within the app, if it’s installed, or to a browser page.

How to set up deep links on


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