How to configure a domain with

How to configure a domain with

It's common knowledge that there are many domain services which allow customers to buy new domain names as well as connect them to other apps.

However, how to understand the way of configuring a new domain, for example, with shortening service and not to get confused? Especially for this, we review the configuring process of commonly used domain services with

The next platform is

The head feature of this service is selling domains. After buying one of them, you have a chance to connect a domain to other services, create email or build a website. opens access to widely used domains. There is a helpful page “Pricing” where top-level domains are sorted alphabetically.

You will find there:
- short domains (.live; .news);
- memorable domains (.rocks; .ninja; .moda);
- relevant to your business ( .dentist; .video; .band) domains.

In a domain search line, you may come up with any name you want, and to check if it is available or not. If not, inevitably proposes other domain variants.

WHOIS data

With non-active whois data, all users have access to your info (phone number, email, address). To prevent you from unwelcome messages and calls, Name com proposes to protect your data. This feature costs 4.99$ for a year per domain.

How to configure domain with

1. Sign in platform .
2. Select a domain, add it to a cart and pay with a credit card.
3. Go to a account. Click on “Add new domain”.
4. Paste your new domain name.
5. Go to your account again.
6. Choose “My domain list” in the head of the page.
7. Click on “Quick links” from the right side of the domain and then “DNS Record Management”.
8. Add "A record" with "@" host and IP address. This IP allows connecting with
9. Save.

Wait from 1 minute to 24 hours while your domain becomes active.
After that, refresh the page in the domain settings. In case of some obstacles – write to support.

The video tutorial below helps you to avoid slight problems while configuring.

Read other articles, where we review various registrars, which will come you in handy while creating a new domain.

  1. Namecheap domain service.
  2. GoDaddy domain service.
  3. 1&1 domain service.
  4. domain service.
  5. Dreamhost domain service.

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