Short branded links importance in offline marketing

Short branded links importance in offline marketing

The Internet continues conquering the world.

Realizing this, many users prefer online marketing to offline. However, remember that proper offline marketing use may help you to engage more customers and profit than online.

Let us tell you how it works.

Imagine that you decided to drive extra consumers with the help of the outdoor advertising. But the result wasn’t overwhelming, that’s why you just spent money without expected profit.

Don’t take it hard.
That was all because you didn’t add a shortened branded link to your ad!

To benefit a maximum from outdoor advertising, bring a shortened branded link in the marketing campaign. Simplify customers a way of moving to the site. If the link is memorable – users will have a chance to follow it at once. Thus you can redirect them to any web-page you wish. For example, to buy tickets, to book the travel, to watch a video presentation of your product, to learn more detailed information about who you are and so on.

Keep in mind that only with the adding short branded links (not hashtags or logos) you will be let to track the traffic.

Moreover, has a great set of features, which will inevitably let you make offline marketing much more profitable

1. Link expiration
You manage a link expiration by yourself. You may have the URL of your current shortened link be changed automatically. The only thing you should do is to set a date and time when the link must be updated.
As a result, your customers will be supplied with new fresh information and you shouldn’t keep in mind the terms to alter the link.

This feature allows you saving all printed billboards or flyers, just changing the information on the site, not all short link.

2. UTM-parameters
Add UTM-parameters and easily observe which banner increases the CTR up to 90% and which one is unprofitable at all.

3. Geo-targeting
For example, you need to sell tickets for a concert tour of a singer all over the country.
Adding a link to the poster will give users a chance to buy a ticket at once by following this link. It will lead them straight to a sale page. So using a Geo-targeting feature allows you to redirect users to relevant price-page depending on their location. Therefore, you don’t need to print posters separately for each town.

Thanks to the shortening service, you will be able to save up to thousands of dollars just with the small, memorable and extremely informative link!

Oh, and remember to read a list below!

Ways of offline marketing:

  1. Billboards.
  2. Flyers.
  3. Business cards.
  4. Booklets.
  5. Coupons.
  6. Bus-stop advertising.
  7. Sign boards.
  8. Magazines,newspapers and books.
  9. Clothes.
  10. Logos.
  11. Banners.
  12. Posters.
  13. Light boxes.

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