4 Tools for Managing a Personal Brand

4 Tools for Managing a Personal Brand

When you're thinking of promoting and managing a personal brand, you need to use some additional tools to strengthen your work. Today, on the Short.cm blog, we'll walk you through four essential instruments to help you empower the personal brand.



4 Tools for Managing a Personal Brand

A personal brand includes all the characteristics of any enterprise — a success story, values, and audience trust. In personal branding, on the contrary, a single person concerns all those things. Being a competent specialist isn't often enough to create a successful startup or to build a career. That is why, today, dealing with a reputation to get extra customers and sales is essential.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for increasing the reputation and expanding a list of professional contacts. To have your profile appear more often and higher in LinkedIn search results, use keywords. The key phrases should be in your status, post title, description, and key skills.

A LinkedIn tool is an opportunity to share your knowledge. A striking title and a link don't let you promote a brand and increase CTR. If Facebook and Twitter appreciate these types of posts, LinkedIn, on the contrary, decreases brief and spamming publications.

For example, say you want to promote an event. Write an exciting and informative post describing your topic. At the end of the article, input an advertising link. Such posts carry new information to your contacts and tell you about the event, increasing the chance that someone ultimately pays attention.

LinkedIn social network


Monitoring mentions of the personal brand means tracking how many times the brand name was mentioned on social networks or the whole web. This will help gauge how people feel about you, whether positive, negative, or neutral. Based on the analysis of mentions, it's possible to build a successful strategy for further work, not only on brand promotion but also on successful business development.


Mention is a web and social network monitoring tool. Mention is easy to apply and set up, and it also has accurate results. It's also helpful as you can connect your social accounts to Mention and use the dashboard to respond to customer queries. The disadvantage is that Mention shows data collected after setting up. You can't see the past data.


Short branded links are essential for increasing brand trust and recognition. Branding is a powerful idea that allows you to stand out from competitors.


Customers face short links in some external sources such as social networks and emails. So, if a customer knows nothing about your brand, a short URL is the first element he/she is acquainted with. If users see a long URL that looks like spam, they will miss it and never visit your website. Short links, on the contrary, engage users to make a click and then redirect them to the website. It's where customer experience begins.


Keywords are the phrases or separate words that reflect the topic of an article, website, or blog. Key combinations help users to find a necessary item by using keywords in search queries.

SEMrush is a global service that provides many advanced features. With SEMRush, you'll get:

  • Analytics Reports to dive deeper into your competitors' advertising.
  • Traffic Analytics to understand your potential customers' behavior and media consumption.
  • Keyword Research to find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.
SemRUSH keyword planner

Wrapping Up

Here are just some apps for managing the personal brand. They could vary depending on your aims. Start, for example, with the first one, and then conclude what apps are the most helpful for you.

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