QR-codes help to promote the brand!

QR-codes help to promote the brand!

You may often face a black square like a zigzag.
It is a QR-code (Quick Response code), which helps customers easily to follow the site.

“The father” of a QR-code is a barcode. Nevertheless, the usage of barcodes is available only in shops while buying products or clothes. Moreover, you need a particular device, which can determine the price thanks to the barcode.
Yeah, we continue to use them, and it is supposed to be a useful invention.

However, the technologies go forward. That's why QR-code was invented through some time.
This image helps to read any encoded information.
I’m sure all of us once had a chance to see them on the products, posters, clothes, devices and so on and so far.

Nevertheless, what information may be encoded in QR-codes?

Whether it is a video tutorial/presentation, the landing page of the site with detailed information, the price of the product, the number of available items, and so on. Briefly, whatever you wish!

Where may you use QR-codes?

Modern marketers came up with key ideas for promoting the brands.
The primary task is to use QR-codes in public places.
For example, at the bus stops, billboards, signages, clothe labels. QR-codes grab people’s attention so that it is interesting for them to learn what you want to say with a little zigzag image.

One more important thing is that for reading QR-codes customers need only one program on their mobile phones. That is all. No configuration needed.
This fact simplifies the way of following your site and, as a result, increases the CTR.

Advantages of Short.cm service

Short.cm service provides users with QR-code feature which is available even with a free plan.
QR-code is automatically created for each link, and you have a chance to print it straight from the Short.cm site or simply download to your device.

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