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Can You Rely On | SLA provides 99.9% SLA, which means that if short branded links are unavailable for 44 minutes in total for one month, will refund $150.

Note: Only Enterprise Plan users may sign SLA.

The importance of SLA

An SLA is a primary commitment between a customer and a service provider. It is a requirement for the quality of service, for which the provider accepts financial responsibility. All parties must agree to the SLA conditions to reach a mutual understanding. The agreement is reliable for both the customer and the provider.

By getting an SLA, you are assured of having the service repaired quickly. In cases where the fixing process must be postponed, which might lead to a breach of contract, you will be refunded. With an SLA, you know that in case of an agreement infringement, you are safe and have a confirmation note for financial compensation.

Imagine that you are managing a business on the website. When the site breaks down, your work, which is your source of income, stops. You immediately write to the service support, but all the office managers are busy, and your ticket is postponed for an unpredictable period.

An SLA comes in handy for avoiding such unpleasant situations. Even if you lose money while the site is unavailable, the sum will be refunded to the amount indicated in the agreement. The SLA increases the ability of the service to provide users with qualitative service.

What does SLA include?

  1. Description of the parties, the purpose of the agreement

  2. The exact time (days and hours by UTC) of the service delivery

  3. The number of users, who can be served without service crashing; the response time to the ticket; the time for fixing bugs; the quantity and types of bugs covered by the SLA

  4. Obligations of a service provider and a customer

  5. The procedure for creating a report (including the time to prepare a summary)

  6. Procedure for the execution the service request

  7. Pricing for the provided features

  8. Dispute resolution procedure

  9. The procedure for making changes to the SLA

  10. Penalties for failure to meet obligations

  11. The circumstances after which the terms of the SLA are waived

Conclusion is a profitable company, uptime of short links during last year is more, than 99.9%. We have failover in different Amazon availability zones and we understand how important is to keep your links working. With SLA, we will have financial responsibility to keep your links available all the time.

What did you learn?

  • Is a reliable service?
  • What is SLA?
  • The importance of Service Level Agreement.
  • Why do you need SLA?

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