Customer Service Concept: Human Qualities or Technologies

Customer Service Concept: Human Qualities or Technologies

Poor customer service may have a bad influence on customer satisfaction, retention, and the whole product. If the potential users leave a service unsatisfied, they won’t return.

Each business makes customer service mistakes. Errors are an inevitable part of any activity. However, it’s essential to find the mistakes, admit them, and correct them. In this article, we’ll consider the main tips that need to be implemented to improve this process.

The classic customer service strategy doesn’t seem to change at all. You’d probably expect to find lots of tips about AI, chatbots, automation and all that stuff. Well, whatever the necessary technologies are, being human stays front and center.

Here are the quotes by experts who tell us about the true concept of customer service:

  1. The customer is not always right. But the customers are always the customers. The famous saying is wrong. Customers do not always make the right decision, but they always make the final call. For service businesses (consulting, marketing, architecture, financial advisers), the “expert” gives their professional recommendation. When the client chooses a different option, it can be frustrating. For good customer service, the expert must swallow their hurt feelings, smile, and ensure the client’s decision is implemented successfully (Mike May, Brightspot Incentives & Events).

  2. Customer service is simple. Return messages, perform, and treat each client like they are your only client. (Jason Swindle, Swindle Law)

  3. With live chat robots and increasingly automated support systems, customers are facing more one-size-fits-all messages. It’s usually clear that the communication isn’t tailored just to them. Often, it’s more likely to make them feel like a nuisance or an expense for your company. In 2019, the most impactful thing you can do is to treat your customers like real people and let them know there’s someone who cares on the other side of the inbox. (Ben Sibley, Founder of Compete Themes)

  4. For me, customer service means not discriminating against customers on their appearance. Many times, customer executives decide their level of service based on the background of the customer, i.e., wealth, age, gender, etc. But that’s very detrimental to any business because it’s based on prejudice. (Ketan, Founder of GoodVitae)

  5. We’ve run the numbers, and our data tells us about 5-10% of people are not worth dealing with, and its best to help them move on to a company that can help them. Sometimes, the best way to deal with insatiable customers is to fire them. We have to fire hundreds of customers every month; it’s unfortunate, but it is just part of the business that we are in. But we take great care in handing these people off to somebody locally or another online service that can help them. There are a dozen places in which they can leave a scathing review, and when you factor the cost of the negative impact over time of each of those reviews, it makes sense to invest in a “customer handoff process.” (Zach Hendrix, Co-founder of GreenPal)

Listening, appreciating, and respecting customers are non-changeable values in customer service. After conquering these aspects, move towards modern technologies such as chatbots. Firstly, be human to your customers.

What do you think: Which aspect of customer service needs to be provided first — human qualities or modern technologies?

In case you consider that your customer support is listening-oriented, then learn some advanced ways on how to improve the chat/phone service.

Stop Doing These Things in Customer Service


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  • good customer service
  • how to improve the chat suport
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  • experts' opinion about the tru concept of customer service

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