Why do you need a short branded link?

Why do you need a short branded link?

You have your brand, you have the site for this brand, including marketing promotion but click-through rate (CTR) continues to be unimpressive. Imagine how much work you’ve done, so you shouldn’t let a small error to spoil everything.

Pay rapt attention to your URL-address.
The URL like https://brand.com is more attractive than https://dom.club/hfksvhfsjhvbfhbvsbv12bhf4. The first version will gather 90% of click-through rating while the second one – 10%.


It is essential for internet users to click on trustworthy links. After the first sight clients should understand what is hidden behind the link, even having a well-made image and a headline you may lose the clicks because of the URL. It’s a psychological factor which plays a crucial role. Seeing a cute thing both you and I will have a desire to touch it. So happens with customers also. When they see a beautiful link, trust, assurance and nice URL make them click on it.

Where will branded links be useful for you?

  1. Twitter – everybody knows about limited characters of tweets. So branded shortened links help you to expand a text rather than to waste characters for the long links.
  2. Offline marketing – use shortened branded links in printed media. It will be easier for customers to type a shortened link rather than a long one. Moreover, to simplify a way of following a link – add QR-code!
  3. YouTube – while inputting the description for your video, a shortened branded link will give you a chance to get more detailed statistics about it.
  4. UTM-tags – core parameters for tracking the statistic, so the link automatically becomes longer because of using tags. So shortening the link allows you to hide necessary parts.
  5. Comments with shortened branded links won’t be considered as spam.
  6. Printed books – help readers to follow the link which allows them to read the e-book


Taking into consideration all the information, mentioned above, hope you to like the advantages of shortened links. Link trust is worth to pay attention to. It is thought to be the most important tool at all marketing stages. Link trust is what will lead you to a good CTR.

Furthermore, Short.cm service represents the statistics with the utmost accuracy and provides you with all essential features, so you will know who, when and from where made a click.

Most of the companies use shortened services, so keep up with the Joneses and join.

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