How Do I Shorten a Website Link?

How Do I Shorten a Website Link?

Each page on the Internet has a unique address. We even do not pay attention to it when surfing the Internet. However, some cases imply using a URL.

After copying and pasting a link address, users might face particular difficulties. We’ll take a closer look at what kind of problems these are and why it’s becoming necessary to shorten the links.

Have you ever noticed that some links on favorite social media posts are too long, and others are too short? Have you ever thought about why it’s done and how?

At first sight, there is no problem with having a long link. It may seem that no matter how a link looks, the most important thing is to click on it and learn the necessary information. However, in addition to being unattractive, long links are inconvenient.

Therefore, web users shorten website URLs for a variety of reasons:

  • Some services, like Twitter, provide character restrictions. If the maximum number of characters is 100, and your link takes 94, then the remaining space is enough only for “Hello.”
  • There may be a need to use a link in offline advertisements, via SMS, email, or social networks.
  • The need to hide an affiliate identifier.
  • To find out how many people click a link. Long links are usually complicated to track, whereas most of the URL shorteners provide link statistics.
  • To share a much more attractive URL that engages more visitors.

The purpose of shortening a website URL is to replace a long set of characters with a short one. For example, instead of, you get

After clicking a short link, users will be redirected to the desired page. Its address is stored in the database of a shortening service.

Shortening links is possible with any URL shortener. Among existing services, has advantages that distinguish it from other ones. To start shortening links, you need a personal domain, or you can test the service with a free domain that provides for testing. The 7-days free trial provided with each paid plan lets you understand whether fits your needs or not.

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