SMS Marketing For Business

SMS marketing is a tool, which let you be in contact with the audience. It’s similar to email marketing but has its features.
SMS marketing provides possibilities to keep users engaged and informed about all the things going on at your business.

Bulk SMS marketing has high open-rate. It is 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes. The result is overwhelmed.

Ways to use SMS marketing.

Send SMS for different reasons: from scheduled reminders to last-minute sale notifications.

Use SMS solutions to tell about:

— Sales.
— A good deal.
— A package delivery.
— New address/phone number/site.
— Secure code.
— Varification of registration.

The list is endless. Just make SMS marketing engaging for people. Include relevant text, which enhances your service.

Rules to create succesful SMS campaign.

1. Send messages from a branded name.

If you don’t want a user delete a message, send branded SMS, not anonymous. In this way, users see your brand name, what increases brand trust.

2. Let the subscriber decide whether he/she needs your SMS messages.

Place “Subscribe to SMS marketing” and “Select a channel” field on the site page. This results in building more trust for both search engines and users.

3. Choose a right frequency.

Set the frequency so as not to irritate subscribers and not cause anger once again. Send SMS approximately 1-2 times per month. The frequency depends on your business and necessity of messages. Don't spam users.

4. Make SMS short.

SMS messages have a limit up to 160 characters. Your main task is to compose as brief and informative message as possible. Place all information, using less than 160 characters. Otherwise, SMS won’t be sent.

Short links help you to save some space for the message. Using a short URL makes it possible also to increase brand awareness, visibility, and impressions.

6. Add Call to action phrase.

Call to action phrase stimulate the user to follow the link on your message. In case you lack space, customize a slug of a short link, adding a promotional word.

7. Let a user unsubscribe from SMS messages.

This allows users to feel free. If they consider your SMS are annoying, they will unsubscribe from messaging, but stay your clients. In case your SMS are annoying without a possibility to unsubscribe, users may stop using your services.

8. Track results.

Add UTM-parameters, using shortening service, to track results of emailing. This lets you find out the essential items, which engage your customers most. This helps to improve future campaigns.

9. Personalize messages.

Personalized messages make customers feel their significance and respect.

The advantages of SMS marketing.

— Mobile phones are always at hand with their owners.
— Users don’t need Internet access.
— Easy to send. No need to prepare templates, develop corporate identity, spend money on design and layout. Prepare the message text and send it.
— It takes you 5 minutes to send all messages.
— High read-rate percentage.


SMS marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. After analyzing, you can determine whether this advertising tool is productive for your business or not.

What did you learn?

  • SMS marketing.
  • SMS messaging.
  • Marketing campigns.
  • Why SMS marketing is important for your business?
  • How to use SMS marketing effectively?
  • Why do you need SMS marketing?

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