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The API is a set of codes that lets two software programs communicate with each other. Software that accesses the features and capabilities of the API calls it, and the that creates the API publishes it.

The primary shortening features can be shared thanks to the API. provides its API to encourage developers to build on their capabilities. So, what about implementing shortening features to software apps?


Which software products could benefit from using the API?

Mobile apps and games

  • Short links are useful when sharing content. If users want to send a current screen, they can share it with friends. A short link to the app’s page will be sent to the recipients. For example, Google Maps sends short links using “” when sharing a current location or a particular place on the map.
  • Short links come in handy in mobile games. Organize in-game purchases, thanks to the deep URLs. In-game offers of gold and bonuses — a new weapon or additional coins — could be promoted by using deep links. To earn extra coins, gamers could share a link to invite friends to download a game. As a result, both new and old players will receive a reward.
  • One more practical insight is to notify gamers about ongoing deals by posting a short deep link on social media, emails, SMS, ads, or push notifications. After clicking a link, users will be redirected to the screen for purchasing gold.

CRM systems

CRM stores customers’ contact information (name/surname, email address, and phone number) and other identification data. Companies use CRM to notify customers about ongoing discounts or other data via SMS, email, or messengers.

That is useful, as all the necessary data is structured in a database. When creating a notification, companies include a short URL with the message to increase brand trust and save characters. Add the automatically generated short links to the message with the API.

Social marketing software


The primary task of social marketers is promotion. After a link is shared on social media, the number of clicks is required to be tracked. Social marketing software could implement the API to organize click tracking in the application. The total time, the last 30 days, the last 7 days, last week, yesterday, today, and custom periods are available.

Affiliate marketing software

If launching an affiliate program, unique affiliate links with a personal partner identifier are required to determine the partner from which the visitor came. For example, after registration on Amazon Associates, a partner receives a short link with a unique ID. With the API, you can automatically generate short links for affiliates.

Why is a ready-made API more useful?

  • It’s cheaper – the price is according to your plan on It’s quicker – codes are ready, just implement them to an app. It’s reliable – if something goes wrong, you contact support and developers fix the bug.

  • Implementing the API is much easier than developing a system from scratch. The ready-made API is useful, especially for companies that develop mobile applications, as mobile apps still require the server's API. has a ready-made API with detailed documentation.

  • Managers don’t need to make up requirements lists for developers. It’s enough to send a link to the API documentation.

  • Technical support helps developers with API implementation and is always available.

  • The API has been tested, debugged, and works in a stable fashion. Technical support keeps an eye on the performance of servers 24/7.

  • Backed by Amazon servers, handles extreme loads in a matter of seconds thanks to the modern architecture on Amazon.

  • If you decide to develop your own link shortener, export all the links you’ve created at any time without any fees or fines.

  • The API is included in all the price plans. The limits and features are maintained according to the price plan. You can experiment with the API by using the Free plan.

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