6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brand Name

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brand Name

Several things can factor in when it comes to a Brand's success. Sometimes, opening at the right time and with a good economy is essential. Other times, finding the perfect location and target audience is the key to a booming business. In some sad cases, the fate of brands lies in factors that business owners/entrepreneurs cannot control.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things we can control. And one major factor is the name of your business. Your business name can sometimes make or break your business, so finding the best one for your brand is crucial.

So, let's go through a few essential things to consider when naming a brand.

1. Pick Possibilities

When assigning a name to your brand, one of the common mistakes some rookies make is giving it a limiting title. Growth and expansion are always happy opportunities, but a name and its consequent marketing can sometimes limit a brand.

Imagine if a cosmetics company named their brand "Lipgloss". Expanding towards other products (i.e., foundation, mascara, contour palettes, etc.) may be a little more complicated. Some people may doubt your brand's capabilities or restrict your brand's potential to only being good at lip glosses.

When a person opens a brand, they mentally or physically consider the possibility of growth. This mentality should also be applied to the name of the brand.

2. Make It Convenient

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You'd probably go to the most familiar brands if I asked you to name a giant brand name right now. Google, Apple, Samsung, Nike, etc., are some of the most popular brand names on the planet. They all have one thing in common: simplicity.

It would be difficult to recall a whole phrase regarding names. When you think of a brand name, remember that employees will say it repeatedly, and word of mouth may be an effective advertisement.

Imagine having someone trying to talk about your brand only for them to have difficulty remembering your name? Other things to consider are spelling and pronunciation. The easier your brand name is to remember, say, and spell, the faster it can spread.

3. Avoid Vagueness

There is a charm to having mysterious and witty brand names. And with the proper context and marketing, it could work. However, one thing to consider is introducing your brand to the world. A vague and mysterious title may intrigue a few; but ultimately, it wouldn't be telling.

Customers wouldn't be able to tell what services you're offering, and you wouldn't be able to appeal to a target audience. Mysterious names can and have worked (along with flippant and playful ones). However, having a clear and simple name is a tried and tested method in terms of marketing.

4. Check All Legalities

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Several times, a name you want will already be taken. There are, after all, millions upon millions of names out there. Making sure the name you want is available legally (in terms of trademark and such) early on is imperative.

Imagine the nightmare of deciding on a brand name, building your marketing campaign around it, making promotional items, and advertising it online and offline, only to change your brand halfway because of a legality issue. Making sure you're good to go legally is a necessary step.

5. Consider Your Online Branding

There is no escaping the massive advantages and benefits of having an online presence in marketing. Thousands of businesses have flourished off a viral video or an ad disguised as an entertaining video.

That said, considering your online branding when creating a name would be a wise decision. Making sure you have a name that would look good in a customized link is essential. Names that are too long, difficult to remember, or spell (in other words, inconvenient) would not go hand in hand with a link.

6. Choose an Appropriate TLD

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The abbreviation "TLD" stands for "top-level domain". These are the ones found at the end of the link. Examples of these would be .com, .to, .io, .edu, etc. While .com may have the advantage of being the most popular TLD, it is also the most common. Other TLDs may get you more attention by standing out.

It all comes down to what your brand is about. Buying a top-level domain specific to the services you offer is advisable. For example, if you're offering personal tutoring services or selling textbooks online, then an appropriate TLD would probably be .edu.

7. Ensure You're Happy With Your Name

Choosing a brand name for your business can be incredibly personal and meaningful. If you're lucky, you'll encounter this name repeatedly throughout your life. It would be a name your friends and family support. It would be a name that's attached to your legacy.

So at the end of the day, despite all the tips and clever tricks you learn when naming a brand, perhaps the most important thing to consider is that you like it.

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