and Twitter Zap and Twitter Zap

We precisely know that you use Twitter almost every day.
As well as we know that you shorten links in our service.

It seems to be nothing in common between these two apps, but it is not.
As you might know, launched integration with Zapier. Thus, it is Zapier, which helped us to connect and Twitter for simplifying customers’ workflow.

Look how it works.

Once you shorten a link in, Zapier posts it to your Twitter account with the original title and short URL.
It means that you shouldn’t send a link to Twitter by hands each time you shorten a new one.
Be sure that a short link inevitably grabs customers’ attention and makes them click on it. Moreover, a short URL saves characters for writing a text in Twitter.

If you think this Zap is useful for you – watch a video tutorial about how to customize it.
Pay attention you should have accounts in Zapier, and Twitter.

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