What's New

What's New

Short.cm introduces some updates over the last two weeks. Learn the details about the new releases below.

  • New version on Product Hunt

We've relaunched Short.cm on Product Hunt 🎉 Explore our 2.0 version and share your impressions. Now, we expect people find and learn about Short.cm easier.

  • Help Center

We've transferred our support articles to a new location — Zendesk support. The service provides a user-friendly browsing experience for our customers. Now sections are logically located what lets users find an instruction easily.

If you click a guide from the Short.cm website, you'll be automatically redirected to a new location.

short-links short-links
  • Integrations

New video tutorial for the Short.cm and Trello integration via Zapier is ready. We received many requests on how to integrate Short.cm and Trello and have finally created a guide.

An idea of the integration is: When you add a new card (task) to a Trello board, a link for this card will be automatically shortened. Then you can share the link from the Short.cm dashboard with your teammates or clients.

Visit our support to learn the detailed instruction

  • Domain Setup Guide

To avoid some obstacles when configuring a short domain on Freenom, watch a new video guide. Freenom is just like any other domain registrar. The main difference is that most of the Freenom domains are free.

Visit our support to learn the detailed instruction


What did you learn?

  • shortcm integrations;
  • what's new on short.cm;
  • how to add and configure a domain on short.cm;
  • domain registrar guide;

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