What's New

What's New

Short.cm introduces some updates over the last two weeks. We continue to redesign the website, so the emphasis is on improving the public pages.

  • Emails

A new branded email design was launched. Now the emails are uncluttered what makes them easily readable. We added fresh and modern color palette that helps to absorb the information. The emails introduce the branded illustrations and buttons as well as updated structure.

Take a closer look at some examples of the Short.cm emails:

shortcm-emails shortcm-emails shortcm-emails
  • API Key

The API Key is private, unique and gives access to all your links. To secure the customers' accounts, now users can manage the API key visibility. That allows keeping private data in safety.

  • Error pages

The redesigned error pages now have branded icons and colors.

  1. A link does not exist.
  1. A password-protected link.
  1. Please, wait for the redirect.

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The article is about:

  • New Email Design Templates.
  • Short.cm API is now twice secured.
  • 404 Error page.

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